Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Miss Vero sure is getting a lot of emails and is more than happy to receive and answer every one. But we seem to be answering the same questions many times, so today we thought we'd give y'all a Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.) summary for everyone who has asked or is just wondering.

#1 Can I meet you?
No, Miss Vero is very sorry that we cannot, at this time, meet with anyone. The funny part is that y'all might already know us.

#2 Why do you write anonymously?
Well, before we started writing, nobody listened to a damn word we said, funny how now, everybody's payin attention.

#3 Why don't you write for the PJ instead of Russ Lemmon?
Why, indeed.

#4 Will you be writing for the Vero Beach 32963?

The last two questions bring up an altogether different question as to where exactly Miss Vero fits into the media. Vero Beach 32963 seeks to inform. The PJ inadvertently entertains. Miss Vero's mission is to inform and purposely entertain.

#5 Miss Vero, your articles should be made into a book, have you thought of that?
No sugar, the thought never crossed my mind. Much.

#6 Has Russ Lemmon invited you out for coffee yet?
Yes, how did you know? We came to find out that he invites everyone to his Bob Evans den of dull journalism for "coffee". We did not accept, as Miss Vero's Grandmamie would say - "Why, the very idea!"

#7 Are the people you talk about real?
If-in y'all are referring to the Count and Countess du Roseland, The Palm Beach playboy, Dr. John, Lil'Miss Sunshine, Secret Squirrel and Lawdy Mama, yes, we can assure y'all that these are real people. We meet every Monday in my motorhome and discuss our diabolical plans for taking over Indian River County.

#8 Can I send you some tips or inside information?
By all means! But here's a little guideline, if it's about two people neckid and high, gettin their stoopid behinds arrested, what more could Miss Vero possibly add? We prefer to hear about local celebrities and politicians, we are more than happy to oblige them a verbal spankin.

#9 Where do you get your pictures?
Some photos, Miss Vero takes, others are sent to us. We also spend entirely too much time trollin the internet just to please y'all.

#10 Do you really drink "alkeehol" everyday?
Only if the sun comes up, we're still waiting patiently since 1972 for the marijuana laws to be repealed.

Extra Bonus Question:
What exactly does MWAH! mean?
Way back in 2004 - which seems like yesterday to Miss Vero - a young friend sent us a text message that read MWAH! Miss Vero didn't understand and asked our young friend what it meant. They informed us that it was a way of sending a big kiss, just sound it out.

Thanks for all the email, comments and luvin! Keep it comin hunnies and if by some chance, Miss Vero has failed to answer a question, don't be afraid to ask. Let us know what y'all want to hear about, we know it's not rain barrels!




Miss B. Havior said...

Pu-leese Miss Vero,

If I promise to bring my state of art margarita machine, plus all the fixin's, can I join ya'll on Mondays?
Nuthin' says anarchy better than copious amounts of alkeehol consumed in trailer. What could be better? Unless perhaps the royalty of Roseland provided us some of that ammunition they are rumored to have stored back for the days when the peasants(tourists) traipse across their grounds, trying to get a glimpse of the fabulous Indian River Lagoon. Now that it's not season, they should have plenty to share.
Oh yeah, I promise to bring the music!

Miss B. Havior said...

I forgot to add......if I get an invitation for the Monday soirée, can I bring the cutie from Fellsmere, Jason? Anyone excluded from Mr Wheelers party list, is surely a welcome addition in Miss Veros RV.
Also, he'll bring delicious tacos (the real deal, not the faux tacos from Aye Jalisco).

Miss Vero said...

Miss B. Havior!

Where are my manners?! Of course y'all are invited. Is that Jason from Fellsmere as cute as they say?

Climb aboard the magic bus, pour me a Margarita and let the good times roll!