Monday, August 11, 2008


Miss Vero was not happy about postin this weekend but the pickens were ripe, so we just had to. Sometimes the news tree is bare, but sometimes it's full and who'd a thought that would be in August? What more can we say about the Press Journal? How does a paper and a "real journalist" who spew a story for weeks on end, miss the announcement of Mrs. Estefan's "local" concert? We are just shaking our heads.

Also this weekend we were disappointed by the cancellation of the Land Shark party at Humiston Park. After wandering around looking for an answer, we ended up at the Riverside Cafe, drowning our disappointment with a few cocktails and games of trivia. Apparently the shindig was cancelled due to rain earlier in the day, but of course as Florida weather is known to do, by showtime it had cleared up beautiful. Riverside was packed with all the would be party goers and y'all know Miss Vero had a blast.


Have y'all checked out this website lately?
The reviews are coming in and the site is crisp, clean and easy to use. We like that it's not ad driven and solely devoted to Vero restaurants. It's a great guide that's evolving and lovingly hosted by someone who sees a need in the community and with their own time and talent is happy to fill the void. Y'all know we love that.

Up in Sebastian, we noticed that the Red Garlic was closed and then got word that it was indeed closed and now we hear that the Pig and Whistle pub (in the Appliance Direct shopping center) will be moving in. Fish and Chips on the River sounds good to us.

Sorry y'all, to cut this a little short today but we are busy, busy, busy, what with Savannah guests comin into town and parties to attend, new lists of people to annoy and politicians to have lunch with. What, we didn't tell y'all? Oh that's right, some one actually did win the "win a date with Miss Vero contest" so we better skidaddle and get to that luncheon. Details tomorrow kids....


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Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

If russlemon had known what HUGE amount of money VB missed out on in 2004, he would have really kicked up a stink! Now, you done gone and tol' 'im. (You know he wouldn't-a read it for hissef in the PBP. That'd be almos' like doing research for his stories. You know he can't do THAT!)