Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Only in Indian River County there should be two elephants, sometimes three.

Today's local news is interesting:

Tax Collector Hands Over Six Figure Job to Mayfield - Um, we mean endorses.
Couldn't they have just played poker for it?

Y'all would think that, at the very least, Miss Vero would get an invite to the Friday night "Roast"of Wesley Davis, still checkin our mail.... Oh, y'all didn't get one either? Must be some kinda bubba buddy ritual.

IRNA (Indian River Neighborhood Association) submits more entries than Common Ground in the "Win a Date with Miss Vero contest" - neither win (read July 31st post "Grow Up). We were gonna let y'all vote, but seriously why drag it on? It was one "endorse my candidate ad" after another. Everyone completely missed the point.

"Whether you’re 18 years old or 80 , you should not favor any organization when deciding how to vote…. Vote the person, not the organization."

That right there is about as much info as an 18 year old could handle about the upcoming elections (provided they are making their own decision and not followin in their mama or daddy's footsteps). So the writer of that quote and my lunch date yesterday was Miss Bea Gardner.

Now don't y'all go pestering Miss Bea for any info about Miss Vero. She has been sworn to secrecy and believe me children, nobody wants to see Miss Vero even a teensy bit annoyed. Let's just say it's not pretty. We are not endorsing or saying anything more about it. Just two ladies who have never met, having lunch. Check out Miss Bea's website and form your own opinions.
My goodness, we have had enough of politics. For now.

Hmm, should we comment on the fact that a "correspondent" from the PJ reported on the Gloria Estefan concert at the Hard Rock and not our old pal Russ? We'll let him lick his wounds a while before we play with him again. We're just plain tired of that topic. Yesterday's news kids.

In fact, we are so tired of the goings on around these parts that we're gonna hafta send the Secret Squirrel on a mission tonight to deal with the candidates.

County Commission Candidate Forum: Hosted by The Indian River County Chamber of Commerce. Courthouse Executive Center, 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, 5:15 p.m.

The Squirrel just loves that sort of thing.




Lola_L_O_L_A_Lola said...

Excellent advice from Ms. Gardner. I really hope a lot of voters take it as I think she'd be a really great commissioner. I like her style a lot, and wish we had more candidates of her caliber. No matter which candidates get in that are endorsed by one group or another, the other side will cry foul no matter what decisions they make. That gets ugly and old after a while.

I just think with Ms. Gardner, there'd be no pre-conceived notion on which way she's going to vote about something so there'd be a level of confidence that she's going to weigh everything and act on what she knows to be correct or in our best interest.

Good luck Ms. Gardner!

Miss Vero said...

Thank you Lola hunney and Welcome to the Beach House! We notice this is the second time we're hearing from y'all and we sure do appreciate new friends posting, please continue to add your two cents sugar!


Miss B. Havior said...

All hail Miss Vero!

I'm confused. Perhaps you can shed some light on Mr Mayfield.

From the Orlando Sentinel, Jan 2008:
"State lawmaker Stan Mayfield of Vero Beach has become the first Republican legislator to announce a run to replace U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon, R-Indialantic, who said last week that he would not seek an eighth term in Congress."

In Feb., Mr Mayfield is also listed as a contender by the TC Palm;

This just begs the question, what have I missed (other than that lost weekend in the fall of '06)? Is Mr Mayfield running for Tax commissioner in his spare time or did he decide to drop out of the 15th Congressional Race. If so why?

Please apply some salve to my burning question and remember to
Save the TaTa's

BlessUrHeart said...

Well, Miss V, your website just ate my homework. I tried leaving an answer to Miss B's question, and it just went "poof!" So try again.

Mayfield wanted to go big time, so yes he declared for Weldon's seat. Guess he didn't ask the GOP powers, however, since they promised the seat to Posey. So Mayfield waited for his good buddy Sembler [current tax collector] to announce at the last minute that Sembler was NOT running, so only those with $6,000 at hand could qualify in time. Only Adrienne Cuffe has been running for months, and she qualified with petitions.

So you didn't miss anything, just hard to keep up with who has been promised what job. Not like there is democracy or anything.

And Lola [cute name] may support Ms. Bea, but I think Miss V. is just saying that Gardner's platitudes were better than the other platitudes she received. Fine. But just fyi, Gardner asked every group to support her -- she was more than willing to take part in the group thing -- and only said "ignore the groups" when they chose other candidates.

A little insight.

Is it the cocktails, or are those darn letters getting harder to read at the bottom of this section??