Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well children, we bet that y'all are wondering why Miss Vero is not contributin to all the political and gossipy hoopla that the PJ has been churning out lately. But where would we start?

Ira Hatch wants to get out of jail? If there's one thing that anyone who's ever lived in Indian River County knows it's not to get into trouble here. We doubt Mr. Hatch will ever get any sympathy, especially now that he's "indigent" and the public will have to pay for his defense.

Stan Mayfield's annual income listed at $31, 932? Yet his mortgage liabilities are 1 mil. Even with adding his wife's income, of $106,600 the formula for mortgage loan approval is off. And only mortgage liabilities are listed for the couple, no credit cards, car loans, insurance,anything else? Hmmm, we're not a financial planner but something's not right here.

With his Midwestern-weaselly-hot-cup-o-joe-Bob-Evans approach, Russ Lemmon grabs all the limelight in his pot stirring role as the PJ's local columnist, while poor Henry Stephens is out doing all the legwork and actually attending community functions and reporting responsibly.

Election Supervisor candidates Kay Clem and Kathy Hart in a catfight over a shopping trip.

Former Vice Mayor Lynn Larkin's civil suit merits huge coverage (with photo!) because...?

Kenric Ward throws out the delicious cliff hanger in his latest opinion column,da, da, da...Builder and political gadfly Joe Paladin - is a convicted felon. Tune in again for the next exciting episode!

Back in 2006 Tim Pipher was set to do a soap opera called - Vero Beach.

"Set in the southeastern Florida city, the soap will pit the past against the future as the principals of an old agricultural and citrus-based economy clash with the leaders of more modern businesses and influence."

Perhaps a sitch-e-ation comedy would be a better description of our local players.

Miss Vero thinks we should all mix up a batch of bloody marys and sit back and watch the sweeps weeks before the elections.


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Anonymous said...

We should all be grateful that the soap opera didn't pan out.

Will Miss Vero be one of the sophisticats enjoying the fake fab four Saturday night?

We will be there to the Max.