Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hey Buddy, you're the one trespassing!

Well kids, the great state of Florida is certainly showing us who's boss. People are screaming "we're flooded, we've never seen anything like it!". Hunnies, let Miss Vero be the first one to break the news to y'all. You can pile on as much landscaping and mulch as y'all want, put it behind a pretty gate to keep it all safe, but facts are facts, we all live in a swamp!

The cute little fella above was walkin down the street in Barefoot Bay, mindin his own business when he was snatched up by the animal po-po (it even made the Orlando news):

Miss Vero has yet to venture out, perhaps by tonight we will brave the elements for some fine dining. For the past two days we have managed to keep ourselves amused with old movies, stacks of reading material, intimate cocktail parties and the fabulous "Project Runway" episode with the drag queen challenge!

We're sure that soon everything will be back to it's normal mediocre way in Vero. And then we can go back to throwing spitballs at all the candidates, criticize the PJ and report on our own high jinx and cocktailin adventures.
Until then,



BlessUrHeart said...

Mizz Heart recalls fondly the first outing between those terrible twins of 2004, Frannie and Jeannie -- not too many fond memories, so we dwell on the good -- we went to the Ocean Grill bar. Didn't need no food, darlins' we just drank and laughed and held hands with everyone we'd never met before but who were now our best friends. The Grill was one of the few places open, and everyone [beach, mainland, those in between] had a party! That flooding was due to storm surge, as we all recall, river overflowing. Hope the count and countess held off the river waters. Oh, and Damn Sure we woulda made the squirrel welcome. It's good to get out after being cooped up like dogs in a kennel.

BlessUrHeart said...

Oh, and btw, for those of you who took these rain days to watch the olympics, you might want to catch this routine that NBC aired "previously:"

Paul Hunt gymnastics comedy beam routine

Anonymous said...

Just fly over the state of Flori- Da and see where you live