Monday, September 15, 2008


Miss Vero has returned from our little weekend getaway to find that y'all are interested in being shallow, snarky, gossip, spreading lushes. Well hunnies, Miss Vero has absolutely no problem with that. We hear y'all and live to serve your interests!

Seriously, we were a bit surprised at the results of our poll and some of the email requests. Here's a sample:

"Enough Russ Lemmon, it's enough torture to have see his face in the paper, stop reminding us that he's still here."

"More cocktail parties, less Russ, less on the political end."

"...regarding Miss Footzie. She needs a life and we could use a newspaper."

One of the comments to Friday's post said:

"Miss Vero I really enjoy your blog but your starting to sound like the jilted ex of Mr. Lemmon. Sorry to say but its getting old."

To which we must reply (after howlin with laughter and catchin our breath!) Oh hunney! Don't worry, there's just not enuf alkeehol on the planet to ever make that true!

And on and on, but everyone seems to agree that the PJ is cat litter and we've all had enough of Lemmon and Foote, so we'll leave the Lemmon squeezing to the formidable Mr. Max Newport. The only comments we've ever seen on Miss Foote's columns are usually corrections or short exasperations, so it doesn't look like we need to point out the obvious.

The PJ also has a not so subtle way of reporting info that is misleading. Last Wednesday the TCPalm ran a story that was headlined Quilted Giraffe, Undertow and 2002 added to list of Vero Restaurants For Sale. So we called our friend Miss Kitty (who was surprised because she hadn't been contacted) for the real story. Miss Kitty said sure, there's a price on the business, but everything has a price. In fact she said this year's business is better then last. At least she had time to make a call to the PJ and have the info updated before the amended story (and headline) ran the next day.

This is the other pressing request we get, from business owners that have tried to correct stories and have been ignored. We also get requests from those who have repeatedly submitted press releases and again, have been ignored or to offer a link or to mention something new or exciting that is happening locally. One request stated:

"Since you are our favorite place for Vero Beach news..."

Really news? But apparently it's true, it seems that y'all scan the PJ and then check in at the Beach House to see our irreverent take and any detail (or rumor gossip and speculation) that might have been missed.

Here's a one such worthy reminder from the Pelican Island Audobon Society:

Volunteer for the 2008 Coastal Cleanup on September 20, 2008!

The Pelican Island Audubon Society, in partnership with Keep Indian River Beautiful, announces the 2008 Coastal Cleanup scheduled for Saturday, September 20th, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Indian River County.

This annual volunteer event has resulted in the removal of thousands of pounds of garbage littering our county over the years. We urge everyone to pitch in this year for a real community effort to help at Sebastian Inlet, Wabasso Beach, Jaycee Park, South Beach, Round Island, Vero Beach City Marina, Indian River Shores Public Safety Office and 45th Street at the Indian River Lagoon.

Besides needing individual volunteers, this is a great way for Scout troops, church youth groups, students, or any other concerned group to help make a difference in our community. Call the Pelican Island Audubon Society office at 772-567-3520 to volunteer and/or reserve a cleanup site.

* * * *
The Pelican Island Audubon Society is a local chapter of the National Audubon Society dedicated to the preservation and protection of animals, plants, and natural communities in Indian River County through advocacy, education, and public awareness through monthly meetings, field trips, and other programs. The public is always invited to attend and those interested are encouraged to join the Society. For more information about Audubon programs or trips, contact the office at 772-567-3520 or visit on the web.

And another link worthy local friend, Bret Hoskins (who is working his little tail off with the Vero Beach Business Directory), has so much good info to share along with free listings!:

Well, after catching up on our emails last night, we decided to go over to the Indigo Room for dinner but forgot that they are closed on Sunday and Monday in the summer, so we made our way to Bobby's2 or Bobby's Mainland or Dockside Grill, whatever. We spotted Mr. Tom Collins out with Miss Karen Gaskill and other local folks having a good time. We made it back home in time to see a famous local actor (and good friend of our's) on an episode of "Army Wives" and then we caught up on national news publications and retired early. As the martini's effects were still present, we groggily wondered if anyone is planning on crashing our big party tomorrow night?

So there y'all have it Rumors, Gossip and Speculation all wraped up with a bow on top!

But here's the thing, We have decide to end the blog - please calm down children, Miss Vero is not finished tellin y'all... and launch

But we'll need y'all's help. Please send whatever Rumors, Gossip and Speculation, Press Releases and News that y'all have so that we may turn the Beach House into an alternative forum that will provide y'all with the content y'all crave.

Miss Vero will also be offering advertising, so please be quick to request a spot, because space will be limited.

And also, do not worry yourselves too much kids, because Miss Vero will still provide our usually vinegar veined, get over yourself, take on all things Vero.

Good things are a comin and more details to follow, so stay tuned!



Bret Hoskins said...

Thanks for the link, Miss Vero!

Sophie said...

We were at Bobby's Too! Or 2! - were you in the back at the boats? LOL