Friday, September 12, 2008


By now y'all heard the news that Mr. Ron "tater salad" White was greeted by the local po-po and graciously shown the hospitality of the Indian River County Inn. Yes, welcome to Vero Beach!

First of all, Miss Vero doesn't know Mr. White, although we do have fabulous stories of our own days, livin' in Houston, Texas and our many comedian friends (remind Miss Vero to someday tell y'all about Sam Kinnison's Halloween party, where he tried to raise Jimi Hendrix from the dead, hunnies, poor ole Sam really knew how to throw a party!). And even though we don't know Mr. White personally, we think he has shown a very gracious Texan manner in handling the whole snitch-e-ation.

Miss Vero will refrain from getting on our high horse, so to speak, and tell y'all why this is wrong on so many levels, for fear that some backstabbing axe grinding rat will alert the fascist and hypocritical power to swoop in and flex their authoritative control with unreasonable trumped-up charges and justify their for-profit incarceration system. Nope, not gonna say a word.

We will just sit here quietly and read our favorite periodical and our favorite local opinion columnist, who when he gets real mad, uses terms like "Baloney!" and tells us he's gonna "nip this one in the bud." Ok, Barney Lemmon or Russ Fife, go get 'em!

Most of the time we skim down and just read Maxnewport's take on the whole thing. In a "Your Mama" throwdown between Mr. Lemmon and Maxnewport we'd bet the farm on Max.

Seems like Miss Vero is coming down with an extreme case of sarcasm and apathy, so we'd better take two martinis and get out of town this weekend to cure it.

But before we skidaddle off, we need to tell y'all that we have a pile of email to sort through (and answer) so y'all know the drill. We will tell y'all that we have skimmed through and a few folks have suggested some topics to cover, so we've put a little vote up at the top, for your input and we promise to not count them twice.

We'll be putting some more links to local websites and update y'all on local happenings on Monday, so we'll see ya then!



BlessUrHeart said...

Gonna have trouble picking one subject to vote for, Miss V -- the Beach House has it all, and so many times these all overlap, especially humor, gossip and politics! I'll put on my li'l thinkin' cap, not apply any lipstick, and see what my favorite will be.

Poor Mr. Tater Salad - lucky he didn't get 30 years. Yet. George Carlin and his 7 words made Milwaukee almost as famous as the beer did. No sense of humor here, let's put that on our "Welcome to Indian River County - Jail on your Right" signs.

Ah, Sam Kinnison -- "Move to where the food is!!!!" I still laugh, bless his heart.

Anonymous said...

It is too hard to pick just one. After all, variety is the spice of life. I'm not one much for spreading rumors, but I sure do like to listen to them. :-) And if there's anyplace for talking rumors, speculation and gossip, this is it.
I once had Lemmonitus, and even though I'm over it, I think it would be good for you to continue to "squeeze" him once in a while. Keep him on his toes. And a little criticism is good for anybody once in a while, especially when it's well deserved and even when it's not.

Of course politics and serious stuff is important, if not for anything but to remind us to appreciate the fun stuff.

And I really enjoy the tales and reviews of the restaurants. In fact, in all the years I lived here I've never tried the Guiseppes in Fellsmere but put it on my list when you mentioned it was good a while back.

So, there you have it. I'll be back later to vote.

Thanks for asking...

I came up with a new Google blogger name, (just plain Lola), and it worked one time but now won't let me use it. Anyone have any advice?

BlessUrHeart said...

Be persistent, Lola -- the comment apparatus can be touchy, some days, just like all of us.

Anonymous said...

Miss Vero I really enjoy your blog but your starting to sound like the jilted ex of Mr. Lemmon. Sorry to say but its getting old.

Anonymous said...

Miss Vero, your refreshing view of all things Vero is such a stark contrast from the journal that you need to highlight and accentuate the difference.

Mr. Lemmon makes such a ripe target for your sense of humor that it would be a shame to let it slide. He has been showing his rear end quite a bit lately and I appreciate your hilarious blogs about him and Ms. Foote. You are a breath of fresh air and, as far as I am concerned, an alternative source of news. You have scooped the journal quite a few times.

It's hard to imagine a "jilted ex" of the Russter and even more painful to give it serious thought, so please don't. When he asks for it, let him have it. We need more than that cyberpunk Maxnewport to take the mighty PJ off of their self created plastic throne.

Please keep them part of your loop. . . and keep up the good work. We appreciate you Miss Vero.

BlessUrHeart said...

Respectfully disagree with prior comment -- pointing out the falsities and downright weird-itites of what is being fed to the populace via the depress urinal is a public service, at the very least. Just 'cause they happen to open themselves up for target practice so often is not the fault of the Beach House. Miss V pokes and prods at all targets, but some folks just step into it rather more than others.

It's not like she is flying overhead armed with a high-powered rifle and shooting randomly at any endangered species that comes in her sights. Lemmon and Foote offer themselves up - if Miss V hits it outta the park, she cannot be blamed. And we get to enjoy the fun.

Having a laugh about the mess that is the "media" here and such topics -- very healthy.

Did everyone see the advertising pieces in the PJ masquerading as "news stories" and pretending to be written by the PJ? Now that was just tooooooo easy a target -- touting yourself as "award winning" this and "highly sought after" that, in pretend articles . . . send out the roomba!

BlessUrHeart said...

Oops, was posting at the same time as another "anon" poster. Was referring to the prior-prior comment pitying little mr. lemmon.

BlessUrHeart said...

And here I am again, but y'all gotta read this post by Paul Reiser. Almost as funny as Miss V.