Friday, October 24, 2008


And we were so looking forward to downtown Friday! Another chance to see and hear our new favorite local band "Sleepin Dogz":

Who doesn't like to see downtown Vero buzzing, y'all just never know who you might run into. At least we got out last night, although it took a little while to get things goin, eventually it all came together.

After all our frettin about the hard times we're all facing, we thought it would be interesting to live large and go shopping for a $10 million dollar home on the beach. This economic crisis can't last forever! Our good friend Miss Barbara, who is a realtor with Thorpe Southeby's, invited us out to the open house of "Veromar" last evening.

Now, Miss Vero just doesn't have an extra ten mill in this months budget, but any of y'all that do can give Miss Barbara a call and we're sure she'll arrange a private tour of this fabulous property. And if y'all can't do that, at least check out her fabulous blog:

After our house shopping we dropped in on the Contemporaries at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and even though they had a pretty lively blues band, it was dullsville babe. We don't know why, but every time we attend a function there, we get a cold vibe.

So that the evening wasn't a total loss, of course we ended up at the Epicenter of cool - Undertow. Hanging with Miss Kitty and and the Zigmeister, we were having us a good ole time when - in walked a posse from the place we'd just ditched. Yup the "Contempt-oraries crew! Stick with Miss Vero and we'll show y'all where the party is.

We are hoping for nicer weather tomorrow to attend the Firefighters Chili Cook Off at Pointe West:

Or the Good Ole Gifford Soul Food Feast:

Or maybe both, because y'all know, the only thing we like better than a stiff cocktail is some fiery azz food!


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