Thursday, October 23, 2008


Things are not good y'all. Folks are hurting, just about everybody we've been talking to has said they need to scale back in some way. This includes Miss Vero, cause hunnies y'all know it can be rather expensive to keep up with the cocktailin and cavortin on a regular basis. Here's a little something that maybe or maybe not y'all know about - the 1/2 price gift certificates at the Hometown News:

They usually get updated on Friday's (that's why we're tellin y'all about it today) and sell out fast, but there's everything from Rhonda's produce to fine dining to golf at half price. It's definitely worth keepin a eye on.

Another fabulous deal - Riverside theater is still offering their two for one ticket deal to new subscribers:

And our friends over at the Vero Beach Business Directory have an updated gas price guide (along with a ton of other helpful info):

Now for the bad news.

We told y'all on Tuesday that the Fresh Mozzarella Company has closed. We were also disappointed that the Peppridge Farm Outlet at the Outlet mall is gone (we really loved getting those mint milanos at a discount) and now we hear via the PJ, that another Vero restaurant has closed it's doors:

Anymore tips or deals out there? Let us know!



BlessUrHeart said...

Say it ain't so!

Yes, I can verify I went looking for the Pepperidge Farm store, with all its assorted carbs at a discout, and it was GONE! Damn.

But can't we keep our one last Indian food place open?? People, it's a deal. Not fancy, but different, and the friendliest folks! And BYOB - what could be more ecnomical? And fun, 'cause you never know what everyone else is bringing in their brown paper coolers!

The 3-Aves. had $15 martinis, bad location, and no big Cuban star to stump for them. What were they thinking?

The early birds at the French Quarter can't be beat, btw, and the best wine selection, and wine expert behind the bar, that you could hope for.

Right behind you'll find that classic we all love, Undertow. A food oasis.

Maybe Gubna C. will be looking for a reception location soon, hmmm?

Bret Hoskins said...

Thanks, Miss Vero, for the link back to my site re: gas prices!

And thanks for the info about Pepperidge Farm and 3 Aves. I'm glad I follow your blog!

fairy delilah said...

While we're at it, put Florida navel oranges on your grocery list. Although they look more like grapefruit with their yellow color, Florida navel oranges are so sweet and delicious. They'll definitely help the medicine go down this election season. And talk about keeping the kids safe from the sniffles! The birds, the bees and the fairies (of all kinds) are really rooting for Florida citrus!

virtual vero said...

Tis safer playing nice, tisin't it?

BlessUrHeart said...

Downtown Friday has been cancelled, folks. Just fyi.

Too bad, was looking forward to seeing Sleeping Dogz again -- they are great. God pic in the PJ, Jeannie and friend. ;-)