Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Gubna Charlie came to Barefoot Bay about an hour ago to hand out recovery checks to Brevard, Volusia and Saint Lucie counties for damages resulting from Tropical Storm Fay. Thank you to our Supreme Sebastian Source for takin this photo and sending it to us, while the event was happening. Isn't technology amazin, kids?

Aww, he's not so bad, that Charlie- Is that old (and yes we do mean old) John McCain thinkin out loud?

MELBOURNE — Sen. John McCain acknowledged in an exclusive interview Friday that he probably would be better positioned in must-win Florida if he had picked Gov. Charlie Crist as his running mate.

Looks like the Democrats maybe winning this year boys, that's sure gonna put a wrinkle in Mrs. Palin's wardrobe plans:

Sour apple martini anyone?



BlessUrHeart said...

$150,000.00 so far for Palin clothing -- I'll just betcha Joe the Plumber woulda been a whole lot cheaper to dress, now, don'tcha know.

Miss B. Havior said...

Gubna Charlie? Well, he’s perfectly nice, but I just don’t know his family. In fact, what evah could be happenin’ with Mr. Charlie’s nuptials? Such a brewhaha ‘bout the announcement way back when. I guess if he couldn’t have a big, ole White House wedding, then nothin’ else will do.
As for Mrs. Palin?, Well, I ‘m hopin’ she spent some of that clothes money on new parkas and mucklucks for her return to Alaska in November.
I’m off for a cold tumbler of Firefly with a twist of lime! Save the TaTa’s!

Anonymous said...

Miz V,

I, too, attended the soiree at the lavish Micco VFD station in beautiful downtown Barefoot Bay. Unlike the Source, I was in a position to hear one attendee ask the very affable Gubna, "When are you getting married, Gubna?" To which Hiz Honor replied by simply smilin' and greetin' the next person in line.

Why won't His Charlie-ness tell us about his pending nuptials? He's such a good guy, he needs to be happy like the rest of us happy-marrieds.

Anonymous said...

What a mug!!!! The Wicked Bitch of the West is the best thing to unravel McCain's chance at winning. Keep talkin' Sarah,
You Betcha.

Charlie ain't a gettin' married now. He wasn't the choice fo' VP, so all dem right wingers won't hafta get up in arms 'bout hav'n a closeted Veep. It was just a ploy to throw off da Gaydar of da right wingers

Anonymous said...

The "Desperate Housewife", this is a story, to come, stay tuned, folks. You're never gonna believe this one!
Chapters and chapters, but that will probably be post election. God forbid, you see it after the election, and McCain wins....!
I am looking at the currency exchange and trying to figure out where I might find refuge, with what is left of my money, just in case.