Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ayright y'all, now Miss Vero has seen everything! A Red Hat luncheon at Earl's Hideaway! Just snapped this photo while we were headed up to Sebastian to meet the Secret Squirrel for lunch. Didn't want to get too close, lest they suck us into their evil Red Hat Cult!

Sebastian used to be one good time party place and it seems like they're not gonna give up that reputation anytime soon. Right next to Earl's the new location of the already popular Pig and Whistle Pub fits right in along the slow moving, pedestrian friendly Indian River Drive.

And now our Supreme Sebastian Source tells us that another party friendly hot spot might become a new neighbor. Rumor has it that Lou's Blues, a club on the beach in Indiatlantic is lookin to take over the old Hurricane Harbor spot, just south of Hiram's.

Miss Vero has been to Lous Blues many a time and we can tell y'all that they're so not famous for being on the beach (cause y'all can't see it at night) as they are for having live music 7 nights a week. So with Hiram's booking some national acts and Earl's getting into the big stage business, will Lous Blues complete the set? Looks like Sebastian might keep it's party town reputation after all.

Who woulda ever expected to see Earl's getting classy? Now if only somebody could please get Damien Gilliams to clean up his waterfront properties? We honestly haven't been payin any attention to Sebastian politics for a very long time, but here it is 'bout ten or so years since we've checked in and Damien is still Sebastian's red headed stepchild. At least the man's consistent.

On our way back from lunch, we thought we'd scoop up some treats from The Fresh Mozzarella Company in Wabasso. As we pulled up we spied a small sign in the window saying that they were finally taking a vacation - in August, but a hand written sign on the door simply said "They're Gone!". A quick peek in the window confirmed an empty store.

Left Wabasso to travel further south to vote at the Indian River Library, but couldn't find a parkin spot! Way too many cars with LOAR stickers parked out front. And Sheriff wanna-be-probably-gonnabe, Mr. Loar himself in the parking lot with Mrs. Bob Solari, checkin out a fender of a car that mighta been just scraped a little. Never did get to park, so we'll try again another day. Heck, almost happy hour anyway...




Anonymous said...

Dr. John says I'm Amazed!!!!Therre are no comments.

BlessUrHeart said...

The red hats in Earl's, now can you beat that!!

I had a sinking feeling, speaking of fishing and drinking, that the Mozzarella Co. wasn't coming back. Reminder, reminder, we must think of our little hideaways who don't get attention all the time and keep them in business!

[Bombay Masala anyone?]

I think everyone is going to the library to vote 'cause they can't find the election office -- ver-Clem't?