Monday, October 20, 2008


Got a little tip over the weekend from our favorite South Beach Queen, who follows all things Miss Gloria, that the Latin diva would be in town this weekend at the Costa d'Este, to shoot a spread for People magazine. With this inside info y'all think that Miss Vero would be rushin right on over there to one of our favorite tropical spots, but no hunnies, we are not in the habit of chasin celebrities down (as we hear other local media types are actively doing). Having known many celebrities over the years we completely understand the need for privacy and usually do not hang around - unless of course we are invited.

That being said, if we did happen to be in the presence of Mrs. Estefan, we would probably be interested in the progress of her new movie, where she is slated to play the underrated and now probably forgotten, Miss Connie Francis.

Seems like the Costa is gearing up for a fabulous season. Since we stayed there in June and continue to lunch, cocktail and dine there, management and staff have settled in or departed. It's no big secret that Benchmark Hospitality is currently looking for a new GM for the resort:

We just hope that we'll continue to see Monica Smiley and others who have always made us feel very welcomed.


Miss Vero told y'all about Mr. Michael Haskins' book signing in Vero on October 3rd. Well, on his blog this weekend, he posted details of his Vero Beach adventure, his friendship with local radio guy Bob Soos and his encounter with Miss Vero!:

If y'all recall, we first meet Mr. Haskins when we read about his potential travel to Vero for the Vero Beach Book Festival this year that was, of course, unceremoniously canceled . Y'all might remember that we wrote about it way back in our May 27th post, "Write It Off". The PJ had printed a little blurb written by someone we didn't recognize by the name of Robin Roup, who actually had some manners and replied to our inquiry, unlike many other PJ staffers (including every editor we have ever written to), who seem to think of Miss Vero's correspondence as of no consequence! How rude.

Here's the original post and all the links, we think it's an important enuf story to be repeated and for those of y'all too lazy to look it up:

Come to find out that this story was given to Robin, who was a summer intern at the PJ and there has been no follow up. So sad, when the Book Festival was just getting some major attention for the literary community and the downtown location was such a pleasant reminder of what Vero can be. Suppose we'll just have to hoof it on down to My-am-ah to get the real deal and catch Dave Barry and the Rock Bottom Remainders:

Well now that we finished our morning Java, time to see what manner of things we have planned for our week and see if our friend, the South Beach Queen has something more valuable for us than Gloria gossip. Like maybe, a guest room for Miss Vero in that South Beach Condo during Book Fest week!



Miss B. Havior said...

A table on the water is like calling cows to the barn and so the “du Roseland’s and I made our way on what must be one of the coolest nights in recent history, to the Dockside Grill. It was Monday ya’ll and open restaurants were as scarce as truth in an election year.
A lovely Irish young man came to attend us and brought us delicious mohito for the countess, an excellent pinot noir for the count and of course, I imbibed a cosmo and then some.
Well, the Count, who has poor impulse control, asked the poor, scared runner which had just brought us water just what Danish ribs were? Pity on the frightened, soon to be graduate of St Ed’s, who squawked and backed away from the Count as fast as he could.
What a great chuckle we all had when the answer came: Danish ribs come from Danish cows! Who would have believed it? Only in America.
The Countess cackled like a hen and ordered them anyway.
When the food arrived, there was much whining and kvetching over the portion size of the Counts fish sandwich.
Would we go back? Well. Of course, it soon will be the season and Vero is a see and be seen kinda’ place! Next time I will encourage the du’ Roselands to drink more and order app’s.

BlessUrHeart said...

Restaurant Update Date Everyone - oh, that makes "RUDE." Well, we will be kind, as one should be to the help, as the Du Roselands always are, right Miss B?

Dockside isn't doing as well as it might, of course, but they have time to improve. Danish cows? Tell them locavores are happy with Fla. beef!!! Crazy to go across the pond for what we have in good quantity here.

But I did want to metion to all that read here, the Bombay Masala restaurant, across from where the Patio promises to return, is a heck of a recession-era find. The food is fine, the staff is great, and you can BYOB!! No corkage fee, and free set-ups, glasses, etc. I'm telling you, we need to keep this place going, it's so great to have something besides Italian and Mexican.

The tandoori is wonderful, all manner of curry . . . yum yum! Tell your friends!

Count du Roseland said...

Oh yes... Danish ribs. I once had some excellent Danish ribs. It was the early seventies, I believe, in a small village, just to the north of Copenhagen. Truly luscious and very tasty!

And wow! She could really rumba! (Though not like the Countess, I do not hesitate to add)

Ah... The Bombay Masala. Very excellent. The owner is an old Ft. Pierce acquaintance of the Countess. But they confuse me there. Always seems like they think I’ve been sneezing for some reason... ‘Namaste’, they keep saying. It was the same when I was in Goa. “Namaste. Namaste.”

Is that Indian for "bless your heart"? Well bless your heart too, y’all!

Dahlink, shall we dance?