Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When something fabulous happens in Vero, y'all know that Miss Vero is gonna hear about it. But when the story of a server being tipped $1,500 comes our way y'all know we had to find out more. Seems that this gratuity was 100% of the bill for a party of 12 "friends", at a famous and old time establishment on the beach this past weekend. But that's not all kids.

The party then proceeded to a swanky new hotel where bottles of Dom and assorted other libations were purchased for the whole bar! A whopping $5,000 more was added on to Mr. Big Spenders credit card with an additional 100% tip! Do the math children.

Anyhoo, we heard all kinds of speculation about how Mr. Big Spender came into this fortune and perhaps there was a celebration of some sorts that would be news worthy. A lottery winner, a huge biz deal, a major windfall? But somehow, Miss Vero's party and barfly instincts kicked into high gear and we just knew that there had to be more to the story (or as Paul Harvey used to say "the rest of story", oh and by the way, we still have the lovely gift clock that we received when we attended his big birthday bash in Chicago - yes, yes we know, another story for another day).

So, using all resources available, we contacted MRS. Big Spender and what we heard broke our heart. This poor woman is retired, living in a mobile home community and her husband has somehow gone off his medication and for the last week or so has run amok. Yup, that's right, gramps gone wild.

Why are we tellin y'all? Well because now that the cards are maxed out he'll probably try new ways to finance his fun and this could mean trouble. We know his wife is worried and yes, she did call the Sheriffs department who were somehow convinced by Mr. Big Spender that everything is under control and there's no law against being generous. So just remember, if you see the story sensationalized in the PJ, ask Miss Vero for the real deal.

We sincerely hope for a good ending to this story, at least for the poor woman was gracious enough to speak with us, even though she is beside herself.

Remember hunnies, leave the partying to the professionals.

After all, what else was it that Mickey Roarke's character said in Barfly? Oh yeah...
"It takes a special talent to be a drunk. It takes endurance. Endurance is more important than truth."





BlessUrHeart said...

This is not the first time for someone to start a spending spree when the meds are gone. Vendors have been known to give some of the excess back to the poverty-stricken spouse . . . not likely, but I'd feel rather awful getting an outrageous tip because someone was ill. So servers out there, any qualms?

fairy delilah said...

Heaven knows, mental incompetence is a valid legal defense against these charges on a credit card. Tell the wife to call the credit card company as well as the restaurant and explain what happened. If they give her a hard time, I'm sure between us we know a lawyer who can tell help her out. It may simply entail a firm voice over the phone throwing out a couple of statute number 7465098.2 or something. I know, every time I forget to take my happy pills, I get so heavy hearted I can barely flutter my eyelashes, much less my wings.

Anonymous said...

Overdoing the quotes is not classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Ms. Vero Beach fraudulently got her information from Mrs. Big Spender, preying on her vulnerability and specifically said she would not publish the story because she felt bad for Mrs. Big Spender - surprise, surprise - the press lies again, misrepresents themselves, and preys on the lives of the unfortunate - why don't you continue with your rampage by drowning some kitties or running over some orphans?

BlessUrHeart said...

Goodness, another troll rears it's ugly head. Nobody knows who this "Mrs. Big Spender" is, or "Mr." either, so chill. If Mrs. Spender has a complaint, why are you speaking for her -- how bizarr-o.

Perhaps this post is coming from someone who is part of the so-called "press," which was recently dumped on by Max N., taking swings at Miss Vero? Ah, the price of fame. What an insult to the Beach House, being called "the press." The nerve!

And Miss Vero [who is quite different from Miss Vero Beach, an entrant in the Miss Florida contest], are we now going to get those odd and scary people drifting in who only want to scream and throw dirt like they do on tcpalm? Sigh.

Visitors, behave yourselves, speak clearly, and be civil -- Miss V sets a fine example -- or we'll ignore you. ;-)

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,
The cold weather has scared a couple of "cock-a-roaches" from under their rocks. What kind of troll would trounce our beloved Miss Vero for setting the story straight? Oh, yeah: those dorks who are afraid of the truth. "PJ", "Yellow Journalism", "Droppings"...etc...

I just wish I could use a few more quotes. But I don't do it as well as Miz V. So I guess I just need to be classy and overdue exclamation points!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Grow up all of you Ms. Vero lovers - she got her information by LYING - no matter if it is in the paper, on a blog or through the news, it is still LYING - I think it is a shame to prey on the elderly to entertain her audience, however limited it appears to be.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 7:31am, you are a laughable Lemmon. Even the internet at large has warned against you, pointing out that we must not choose you to accompany us in our drinks, because you carry contagions like ecoli and salmonella....be warned beachhousers, this particular fruit will contaminate more than your alcheehol! hehehe

Jethro Bovine said...

Anonymous 7:31AM, GET OVER YOURSELF! Miz V does not lie. She leaves that to you folks at the PJ. Miz V presenting the TRUTH about this "story", without naming the lady involved, is not "preying on". You have become so jaded by the PJ's perverted view of "news" that you can't recognize an honest attempt to clear-up the facts behind a tragic story. If Miz V bothers you, DON'T READ HER! (Or rather, don't have your care-taker read it to you.)

Anonymous said...