Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thank you Fairy Delilah, all the "ladies in waiting" and well mannered gentlemen, who are there when Miss Vero asks - why bother?

And although Miss Vero loves y'all dearly, no, we will not get nekid in public, we feel bearing our soul is sacrifice enough!



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BlessUrHeart said...

What a fabulous video!! Thank you for that, and more, Miss V.

Glad to see the other bloggers care about this beach house, btw. One troll does not a movement make, and the truth will out. Hateful people, please just stay away and muck about in the local political scene, as you have been doing. Or hang out at the PJ or 32963 or whatever rag you find so attractive that you have to try to stomp out the classy, chic and oh-so-clever antidote to close-mindedness.

Or we'll come over there and take off all our clothes.