Wednesday, October 29, 2008


...Please let us know if you are parked legally. The Beach House guest who sent this photo to Miss Vero "thought it interesting that "handicapped parking" is also inclusive for "mentally handicapped" and indicated that the vehicle in question does indeed belong to the Supervisor of Elections. If so, is it an entitlement indicator or will it be regarded as just another "oops"moment?:

Well, we got a laugh out of it anyway, but the question remains. Is this Miss Clem's vehicle? Does the vehicle have a disabled permit? Dunno. Any of y'all out there willin to say yeah or nay, let us know.

Oh Lawdy, we hope it's not our friend Max Newports!

OK y'all, all funnin aside, here's the real important message -


At a "quiet " time today, the whole process of parking, waiting, checking in and voting took over an hour. Looks like the turnout in Florida will be huge for all parties. Good thing Gubna Crist has extended voting hours from 7am until 7pm:

Miss Vero believes that everyone's vote should count and that everyone should have a voice in their representation. Call us crazy, but we still believe in the process.



Anonymous said...

This is Max and it is not my car, although I may qualify as mentally handicapped since I cannot figure out your message sign on system.

I don't know if that is a Clem car or not. I would like to know when the picture was taken, since for the handicapped parking laws to apply, the office would have to be open.

So if it is her car, and I can't say one way or another, we would need to know when the picture was taken. If you find out let us know.

Max Newport

Miss Vero said...

Max hunney,

I would love to know the details... A faithful reader just sent the photo and we emailed them back but with no reply. Thought if we posted it, maybe someone would come forward.

PS. Miss Vero doesn't usually add to the comments but for Max, well...


Countess du Roseland said...

Was out searching for my hat today when I saw someone peeking at me from behind a live oak. I investigated immediately - to my horror, it was a ghastly mime! I was so shocked that I slapped his face. He made no sound; he merely held his cheek and gaped at me with his dreadful, sad white face. So I slapped him again. Still nothing, no response. I had his white makeup all over my palm, so I wiped it on his lapel. Then I told him to get off my land or I'll release the hounds. He looked heartbroken and he slouched away in the direction of the river. Probably going to drown himself, I thought. Good riddance.

I never did find my hat. Stupid mime. Perhaps it was his SUV?

Anonymous said...

This is definitely Kay Clem's car. It can be see maybe once a week or so parked in front of the Supervisor of Elections office, as Kay may deem she needs to go into work.

Count du Roseland said...

I was practicing my rumba yesterday, in the pasture. It is quite the relaxing location for such activities. But I must tell you - I was assaulted!

While dancing, a hat rolled by, caught on the breeze. I peered around a tree at the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. I had forgotten my glasses, but it was plain to see. Such beauty! Please don’t tell the Countess, but I could not stop looking.

Well, she approached and in my boyish nervousness, I could not speak, and she slapped me. Twice! Oh my! I was stunned! All I could do was turn and walk away, thoroughly dejected.

Perhaps it was this vision of beauty that drove the SUV? I never saw her again.

With an aching heart,
The Count

Victor said...

I have done some research, and I find no evidence that an office needs to be open for handicap parking laws to apply.

IF this is her car, it is consistent with her past behavior. She is the entitled one...

BlessUrHeart said...

The du Roselands antics aside, I also would like to say that confusions abound when it comes to the law and to whom it applies, here in River City. So many entitled people! I am sure the Clems aspire to maintaining their status, as well as their income.

The Clem ads, btw, are really disgusting. They show exactly what she is all about -- and lies she is casting to we un-entitled masses.

So if she wants to play that game, I choose to believe every negative thing about her. It IS her car. She parks it in "handicapped" all the time. Bad bad woman.

It will probably work, her paid-for mud-slinging, of course, since the populace still seems too lazy to pay any real attention to the truth. How can Kay Clem stand herself? Well, we reward them for this behavior.

Unlike the poor count, who has been summarily reprimanded for hiding behind trees, the bad people only get rewards! Can we slap Kay Clem?? Can we?

BlessUrHeart said...

Is that, btw, a McSame sticker, or a Clem sticker posted [illegally] in her back window? Hate to drag Miss V back into this, but I can't enlarge the picture enough to tell?

virtual vero said...

Is that the same car we, the taxpayers, have been giving Clem over $100 a month in upkeep, not counting mileage? Okay, so she stopped taking a car allowance this month as a money saving measure. However, it seems to me that if she took even one red dime of taxpayer money for the upkeep of her car, that car should have to reflect the dignity and objectivity her office requires. I mean, we all have a special place in our hearts for Dixie, but that don't mean the Supervisor of Elections flies the confederate flag in the back of her fancy truck, 'specially on the taxpayers' dime.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is kay Clem's vehicle. But no, that is not a McSame sticker, or a rebel flag (LOL). She is much too self-centered for is (what else) a Keep Kay Clem (NOT!) bumper sticker.
Just so you all know. :-)

BlessUrHeart said...

Thank you, Oct. 31 Anonymous - appreciate the confirmation that not only is Clem dismissive of the truth, she dismisses the laws as not being relevant to her, as well. Those silly disabled folks think they have rights??!! HA. "I spit on your rights!"