Thursday, October 30, 2008



Don't y'all get your hopes up for the Baltimore Orioles to come into town. If y'all read the paper from that city, Vero is competing with a few other Florida towns -

"On Tuesday, the Lee County (Fla.) commissioners approved an agreement with the Boston Red Sox to build a new facility for the team in Fort Myers. If the Red Sox approve the deal, that would leave Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Vero Beach and Fort Myers - the complex that the Red Sox currently train in would become vacant with Boston's move - as potential suitors for a team and the Orioles as the only club looking for a spring training home.",0,3831310.story

Someone named Johnny_Ringo made the comment on Russ's column yesterday that -
"Holman stadium and Dodgertown are dumps. This complex has nothing to offer a large-market major league baseball team. There are not enough eateries, hotel rooms, or entertainment. Twenty something year old players need something to do besides go to Chili's or the bowling alley."

Yes, we couldn't agree more, twenty something year old players do need something to do in this town. Miss Vero happens to know two separate cases of girls who have had "Dodger Babies" and were left behind after spring training. Perhaps the child support payments sent are what is meant by "contributing to the community".


Brian Heady, bless his heart, is doing his best to run for office. That's not scary, but here's what is - sources confirm that (Bob) Solari is already meeting with the county human resources staff to find out what his health care and benefits will be, etc. Pretty darn cocky, and the staff spoke about it just 'cause they think so, too!

We happened to see Big Ole Bob strollin around the Chili Cook Off last weekend. Perhaps his interest in health benefits are concerning a possible weight loss procedure.


And speakin of the Chili Cook Off... Miss Diana Foote (who we have ignored for oh so long, just hoping that she'll go away) reported Wednesday that -
"Among schools, St. Edward's Upper School took home the blue ribbon."
which prompted the one and only comment -
"St. Ed's won? Surely you jest! Of all the entries, theirs was the worst. Everyone in my party spit it out. Ick.Thanks to Pointe West for hosting the event, they did a great job."

Miss Vero concurs, when we finally got to the St. Eds Chili we stopped tasting because it was just nasty. That was it, we were done, it was just plain ole ketsup and kidney beans and if that's what is considered "traditional", we'll pass, thank y'all very much.

If we were a conspiracy theorist we would mention that we think Miss Foote's children attend St. Eds, but hey it was all fair and square right, because even Mayor Tom White was a judge!


That's right kids, Mayor Tom White will be pullin out his big ole scissors tomorrow to cut the ribbon at the new and improved Vero Beach airport, catering to all of y'all that have acess to private transportation.

We are just happy to see Mr. Eric Menger doing well these days, we always did like him.


Pumpkin Martini anyone?


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