Friday, October 31, 2008


This year, Miss Vero "picked" a costume that
will certainly scare all our friends!

But really, we're just goin out for the "boos"



Countess du Roseland said...

When I was a young, wee royal, my nursemaid delighted in telling me stories of Halloween in Croatia. In the spirit of giving, the following is Babushka Rochtika's most famous story:

Once upon a time a witch had a hickey, but she told everyone that she burned her neck with a curling iron. Nobody believed her, so she told everyone to meet her behind the school at midnight and she'd provide proof. Everyone showed up at midnight except the witch, who hadn't reset her clocks to daylight saving time. The end.

Another thing, dear-dear Miss Vero. When you see Miss B. Havior in Orlando this evening, tell her in no uncertain terms that the Tomislav Tiara must be returned without harm. Furthermore, the Count is most disillusioned that all of his jagermeister has disappeared with her departure this morning. She is well aware that devoid of his jagermeister, the Rumba is just another dance!

BlessUrHeart said...

The Grapefruit League has a mascot!!?? Wow, that should put fear in our hearts -- and our wallets. LOL!

Love the Mickey Mouse hands -- what's that all about?

Is she dancing to the roomba?

Happy Halloween to all. Remember Josephine the Plumber? I'll bet she'd vote for Barack. And I'll bet she was never delinquent on her taxes . . .

BlessUrHeart said...

Or Mickey hands means it's a mickey mouse lemmon?

THAT's scary.

Anonymous said...

Dr. John says the Lemon is very clever.I don't think everyone got it.

BlessUrHeart said...

Well, obviously I didn't get it right away, but it IS clever.

My Decor Style said...

Love the lemon - and your blog. I just discovered it and you are FABULOUS!

Miss B. Havior said...

Ms. Decor Style,
Wasn't that party just FABU!?! If you want a few pictures, just let me know.....I enjoyed talking to you (although you may not remember moi) and am so glad you've found the delightful Miss Vero! She would have been right in the middle of the Congo line. The good doctor was such sexy pirate, don't cha think?