Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Seems like Miss Vero has a little schoolin to do for y'all today. That's right kids, we're fixin to learn ya.

We noticed on our comments page yesterday - and we have promised not to crash that party - that some of y'all were disappointed that we did not mention Miss Carole Jean Jordan. Well why? Is it because she did get madder than a wet hen and pull all her resources together and got what she wanted? Are y'all surprised at that, do y'all have personal feelings towards this woman or are y'all a little bit suspicious of the actual process. It's always good to be able to identify your discomfort.

Another question was posed to Miss Vero - " well did you say you knew these folks?" referring to the Mel Fisher family. Very well, thank y'all very much, knowin more than is printed in newspapers that will ever sway us, and enough to support our friend and post that letter.

So here is Miss Vero's question, for y'all today;
Why do we have to hate those we disagree with?
And hunnies it's not just here at the Beach House, take a look at our entire country. We have received more divisive, hateful emails about the presidential election from people that go to church every Sunday and call themselves good Christians, than we care to think about.

Everyone that Miss Vero pokes a stick at is not hated by Miss Vero and why would y'all want to waste your time being ugly? We are known to absolutely adore some of those who we absolutely disagree with.

By far the most interesting email we received was yesterday, when a reader, bless his heart, congratulated us on our "web newspaper" and requested "We would enjoy it much more however if you left out the "yo alls" and other Gone With Wind syrup. It is clumsy to read and recalls a period of our history that many Americans are ashamed of."

Umm, hate to break the news to y'all, but those exits offa I-95 on your way up north lead to parts of the country, where some folks still twang and drawl on a regular basis.

Let's review the basics shall we kids?

"Miss Vero is one who does not take life too serious and wishes that more people would just get over their silly selves"

And - another obviously needed reminder - we categorize the Beach house as;

"a humor blog with gossip and social commentary, an irreverent look at all things Vero"

Now we do know that our local news is not providing us all with everything we would like to see, so we appreciate that y'all come to the Beach House. We think if we keep our wits about us and our manners in check, we can all have some fun while learnin a bit more about each other. Who knows? Maybe we'll all get along a little better and make Vero a better place to live.

Ahhhh, collective sigh, if only Miss Vero could wish it to be true.
In the "mean " time, remember, we are a blog and we are only one damn person, so it's pretty amazing that y'all have taken the ride with us this far. Just goes to show y'all that one person can make a difference.


Just want to mention, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of our County Commissioner, Mr. Joe Flescher and his stand on the Gifford pool issue:

And to Mr. George Sigler, who has taken the time and expense to have his opinion written in the PJ:

We didn't know nuthin about Mr. Sigler, so we decided to pay him a visit yesterday and we have to tell y'all that he is a very interestin character indeed! Miss Vero was very impressed with Mr. Sigler's gracious hospitality and his words of conviction when asked about the Denise Harvey case. He does not agree with what Miss Harvey did, nor does anyone one else, we're sure. However, he believes that the sentencing is excessive and by the looks of how many people were coming through his office yesterday, he has certainly started the ball rolling.

Mr. Sigler took time out of his schedule to talk with us and then was kind enough to give us a signed copy of his book! We were very impressed and sincerely thank him for his time. Here's a couple of links that will help to make this long story short:

And if y'all are interested in his book and want to get it, we added it to our Amazon Book Club box under our profile.


Miss Vero is so pleased to announce that we are the very first recipient of the first "widget" (that's the little box up in the right corner). Now y'all can have Beach House access to the greatest local restaurant site, courtesy of our friend Mr. Mark Landry.


No matter how much our good friend and real estate queen begged us to have a cocktail at the very pleasant Grand Harbor clubhouse yesterday, we simply could not. We were still recovering from Monday's lunch with our fabulous friend, Mr. Muse of the World, which started at the Costa d'Este and went on to well...other places. One tidbit common in both conversations were the questions of Bobby's on the Beach...will it be moving all operations to Dockside Grill soon? Will it - gasp, close? Will there be VBPD posted on the bridge to handle the traffic? And will this mean that someone on the island, perhaps, could finally be charged with a DUI? Hmmm, things to think about after our headache subsides.



BlessUrHeart said...

Well, of course Miss Vero beat me to the punch on a couple of subjects already. My excuse is being slow to the keyboard today having to run errands in the lovely rain -- it may frizz my hair, hunnies, but it beats the heck outta the usual 98 degree sun beating that's known as "autumn" here.

One note -- no matter what you think of the Fishers, or any other treasure or salvage company, the issues they raise are very important. The treasures will not be brought to light for history by the governments, since they can't afford to do it. There has to be profit, or the taxpayers will pay. Now, is that what you want? No, I didn't think so.

Yes, the trade needs regulation and policing, just like most things. 75 percent of people [being generous today], left to their own devices, would not choose to kill off all the gorillas in the world or tear down all the forests or fish every fish outta the sea just to make a buck today and put themselves out of business tomorrow. But that other 25 percent can certainly do the job.

So if we can police the practices of those who search for treasures, and encourage the good companies to keep operating, it's a GOOOD thing. But the governments want to let the operators do the work and then sweep in and take all the profits.

More later -- gotta put the groceries away. Bought a nice pork roast for grillin' -- has some lipstick on it, for gosh sakes? How'd that get there?

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

What is it about the way we good ole southerners speak that seems to offend. I speak nary a cross word when I hear some notherner talk about "Pahkin' 'da cah".

We speak the way you write. Them's the facts Ms Web Newspaper Woman Lady.


Anonymous said...

Good questions Miss Vero. There's no reason to hate those you disagree with.

But who knows what makes people so angry and ugly these days.

Too much stress and lack of quality food?

The relative anonymity or ease of the internet and e-mail? (Though, I'd bet 90% of people saying hateful things online wouldn't do it in person.)

Or maybe they're selfish? The me first, me best crowd. Or fearful? Nobody else can be right or that means they're wrong?

Whatever it is, I sure hope it gets better in the future rather than worse.

BlessUrHeart said...

A lack of manners, that would be one thing. Manners seem to go lacking when some go anonymous.

But also people who lack self-esteem develop the need to put down others who disagree with them, since they see it as challenging them personally, to make themselves feel superior.

The beach house doesn't need that slash and burn attitude, nor does any other blog for that matter.

And I suppose the competition for power and money -- just like in the playground. "MINE!" scream the children. "I was here first!"

Some never do learn to play well with others.

And Miss Vero, dear, you speak with gentility and southern grace, and it adds to the charm of the beach house. You've set a tone, may others learn from it.

virtual vero said...
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virtual vero said...

Hellz bellz, if that ain't callin' the kettle black. Which person in here, 'cept of course Ms. Larkin and her loyal neighbor, is going by their real identity? Is this some Orwellian time warp or am I in the beach house? Ow, the pinch tells me I'm right here in that fun lovin', truth barin', albeit heaped up with plenty of cyncicsm -- wink, wink -- hot bed of journalistic adventure. Remember -- Diane Foote's Olive Garden review? And Russ Lemmon's "boys will boys" rationale? Since when can't we throw sand in the sandbox? Oh my, maybe we're really not in Kansas anymore. I just hope when I wake up CJJ came over to the other side, Obama is our new prez and my investment portfolio went from a 30% loss to triple digit gains.

In the meantime, I suggest Miss Vero gets rid of the Tallahassee Tipster for her gossip, and instead utilizes the Sebastian Sage or the Vero Visionary to forecast the future. I hear they were at the Elk's Lodge on Monday for the show.

Anonymous said...

when dockside grille first opened the food was amazing, but the last couple of times I have been there, it's been a little off, like they don't care as much about the food as the alcohol....just another gin mill.....