Monday, October 6, 2008


As always, the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow and our fabulous hostess Miss Kitty, brought out some fun folks on Sunday afternoon for October Fest. Miss Vero just loves meeting new and interesting people and this was the perfect party for that. What a great mix! - from our favorite Flight Safety flyboys, to a world travelin sailing couple recently back to Vero after 5 months on the high seas, to Kevin Sawnick, a young politician running for Vero Beach City Council:

Honestly kids, we are exhausted from all the activity over the weekend. but not complaining, because finally we are seeing a lot a fun in our little town. A big MWAH to Mr. Michael Haskins and his good friend radio big guy, Bob Soos! Somewhere in between our cocktailin and appointments we have found time to dive into Mr. Haskins book, which is taking us to Key West (where we'd much rather be). If y'all couldn't make it to the book signing, there's still the Amazon box at the right that never closes and will be happy to deliver to y'all's mailbox.

Now, we hope y'all were paying attention to all the activities we talked about because, Miss Vero tries to attend and support each and every one. we are not just postin all this information and not participatin and we hope y'all will come out too.


A lot of political e mails comin in and we are siftin and sortin them all out. We just have to tell y'all that the accusations of Republican corruption and control in Indian River County seem to be the general theme.

Two things we're watching - the meeting tonight determining (perhaps) the Tax Collector outcome. A faithful Beach House guest wonders if Miss CJJ's brochures at the Republican Men's Club meeting at Quail Valley, Friday, was just a slight bit tacky? Guess we'll all see if that marketing material had any influence.

And - the hot contest to clean up the Supervisor of Elections Office. Miss Vero hears that the local G.O.P. refuses to allow a Democrat in any position in this county and is willing to go to great lengths to prevent losing any 6 figure position from it's team. But here's the big question - are they going to go so low as to smear a Democrat with hardly relevant documents from years ago and will the PJ be their willing sling shot for the mud? Pay attention kids and stay away from the fan.


Miss Vero would like to take a moment to send our condolences to our friend, Mr. Rhett Palmer, who lost his beloved mother on Friday.

Now, we must skedaddle off to lunch today with one of our favorite Vero story tellers -
"Mr. Muse of the World".

Oh wait, the phone's ringing, let's see who it is - McCain Headquarters! Hmmm, yup, think we'll take that call...

Lot's more poop and scoops tomorrow, see y'all then!

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