Friday, October 3, 2008


Come children, gather round, Miss Vero is gazing into our political crystal ball with our friend in the state capital, The Tallahassee Tipster, who has a few predictions to make.

The Past - Good ole boy politics on the state level, a deal is made to hand over a 6 figure plum.

The Present - We see a woman with the initials CJJ madder than a wet hen because she is not getting any party favors from her party.

The Future - And now listen carefully kids, because The Tallahassee Tipster is coming thru loud and clear on this one, so just sit and ponder this a minute- A wife currently running for her husbands old job will (after elected) hand over the seat to the original deal maker from a fishin family, which was the plan of the G.O.P. (Greedy Ole Party), all along.

Now usually Miss Vero would be respectful and "sit shivah" over this situation, but the Tallahassee Tipster wasn't having none of that and insisted that we tell y'all the backroom story.

When Miss Vero asked about the possibility of Dr. Neal Abarbanell being elected, and didn't he have a good point by asking why a candidate needs a $350,000+ campaign coffer to win a $115,000 a year job? (correction- a $32,000 a year job - that's even worse!)

The Tallahassee Tipster just laughed and said that the Greedy Ole Party would do everything that they could to see that a Democrat would not have that seat.

Time will tell, if The Tallahassee Tipster is right.

Now maybe y'all don't care that much about local politics, but maybe y'all should. After all, those taxes paid and your right to vote should count for something.


Y'all can still register but only until Monday. The Supervisor of Elections office is open on Saturday from8:30am till 4:00pm. so y'all have no excuse. If you're worried about your address being right or anything else concerning your vote, please call the office at 772-226-3440.

A good friend of ours was turned away during the primary, because she did not have a matching address on her drivers licence. She had moved within the county and forgot to update her voters registration. So Miss Vero is just sayin kids, make sure y'all's paperwork is in order.


As strange as it seems, Miss Vero and Mr. Palmer are enjoying an odd relationship. Mr. Palmer mentioned Miss Vero on his show yesterday and that put a little smile on our face. Of course y'all know that there's probably nothing that Mr. Palmer and Miss Vero agree on, sure nuf not politics and certainly not religion, but Mr. Palmer is a gentleman and he makes us laugh and has turned out to be a very good sport about all our vinegar veined posts about him. So when he asked us to post his video (which he is very proud of) until election day, we agreed. This is the updated newly edited version on the bottom of the page, but if y'all want, y'all can still see the rough cut on the September 16th post. We still think it's hee-larious and maybe there is somethin we agree on after all - we're sick of politics too, Rhett.


Y'all remember we told y'all to go see Michael Haskins at Walden Books tomorrow? Well if y'all can't make it, the book is available at and y'all can get it right here through Miss Vero's Beach House. We also recommended two books in the same genre from another writer who we love, Mr. John Mackie. Mr. Mackie is an author living in Vero, who Miss Vero fondly remembers and Mr. Mackie, being the sharp New York retired Detective that he is, will more than likely remember Miss Vero. The Amazon box is right under our profile, in the upper right side of the page and you can get any Amazon product,by going through that box, which helps to support the Beach House, thank y'all very much.


Y'all might want to check out our friend Chris Blatus' sister Jeannie, who is a fabulous singer and her duo "Sleepin' Dogz"will be at Waldo's 8pm Saturday night. Miss Vero gets a lot of things sent our way and we don't post anything unless we really love it and we have to tell y'all that when we heard Jeannie sing and Leo play the guitar well ...we really loved it! Check out their site and have a listen for yourself, Miss Vero is sure y'all will agree.

Time to start our weekend adventures, maybe we'll see y'all out and about, but we'll definitely be back at the Beach House on Monday!



BlessUrHeart said...

I think you'll find that the $350,000 campaign fund you mention was for a job that pays around $30,000 a year, or so. Fla. House seats, don't they pay pretty small amounts? Unless of course you are then wined, dine, flown and have your mortgage paid like that famous Alaskan politician . . . no, no, I mean Stevens, not the one with the lipstick.

BlessUrHeart said...

Yep, googled it:

House of Representatives and be paid an annual salary of $31,932.00 to legislate and make laws in Florida

The real plum, of course, is tax collector, which pays like $115,000 per year.

Jeannie said...

Hi Miss Vero! I just wanted to thank you for showing us some love. The Sleepin' Dogz are forever appreciative. Much love to you!

BlessUrHeart said...

Those sleepin' dogz were just so much fun -- and are they talented!! What a delight, from a local group, write their own stuff, and are so good to their many fans.

Thank YOU, Miss Jeannie, and your sexy Leo -- what a great time being at Waldo's with you!