Thursday, October 2, 2008


...Cause Miss Vero has a whole heck of a lot to tell y'all today.


Well it's finally happened, Today's Press Journal has the local restaurant review to end all restaurant reviews. That's right children, Miss Diana Foote outdoes herself with a tale of her visit to - drum roll please - The Olive Garden!

Only, here's the thing, the printed article was edited from the last night's online version. Edited Miss Vero? Yeah hunnies, that's what we said - edited. Because Miss Vero only had one damn bloody mary all day and we were sharp as a tack when we read the online version last night that included a sentence "...with restaurants closing in Vero, people are still waiting 45 minutes on a Friday night at Olive Garden." Is that a little gourmet sea salt in the local economy wound? Why are the Yankee and Midwestern columnists so happy to do that? Well at least some one had the good sense to show some manners. Looks like the feature editor is finally doing their job at the PJ.

Now if only the other editors would step it and stop sitting around with Ole Russ, trying to figure out who Miss Vero is and pay more attetntion to the actual news at hand. We are getting outrageous reports coming in of Mr. Lemmon whipping out his little camcorder asking people if they are Miss Vero and good folks getting calls at their home asking if they know who Miss Vero is. PJ, if y'all want to know so bad, why not come to the source? Miss Vero is happy to answer y'all's questions, please just ask us and leave our friends be.


And we mean literally.

Yes Ms Vero,

It's a go at the Waldenbooks, Indian River Mall, on Saturday, 1 - 4 p.m., and I will be on the Morning Magazine radio show at 8 a.m. on Friday, interviewed by Bob Soos. Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting you Saturday. Bob will be giving away two copies of the book on his show this week.

So y'all got that right? Check out the Bob Soos show tomorrow morning at the gawd awful hour of 8am on 1490AM radio. And if y'all want to know more about Mr. Haskins, check out his website and blog (which we especially love):

Please read what Mr. Haskins has to say about our First Amendment Rights, it's a very timely and important post, that Miss Vero holds near and dear to our heart:

We just love Mr. Micheal Haskins, because he's one of those Hemingway-esque, manly man guys. So we are all excited to have Mr. Haskins in town and we just can't wait to get our title page inscribed!


Get yourselves down towards Macy's at 1:30, to see our good friend Miss Rita doing "Play of Colors" - a silk dying performance. Miss Rita is a fabulous artist, who specializes in silk dying, but that is only one of her many talents. Please take a moment to read more about her work and visit with her Saturday at the Business and Lifestyle Expo going on in the mall.


Here's a great way to have lunch and do somethin good.

Missed you Miss Vero! You bring everyone who reads your blog so much cheer! (or cheers!).
I just wanted to tell you about an event this Saturday- 10/4/08. It is a fundraiser for one of the waitresses at Bobby's Restaurant. She has breast cancer and no insurance. Her name is Tina (I'm sorry-I don't know her last name). So Bobby and Joey and the girls are having a fundraiser for her. It is from 12PM - 4PM.
I don't know if you want to talk about it on your blog, but it would help her.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so going to Bobby's on a Saturday afternoon seems like a real easy way to help some one out, don'tcha think? Y'all can check out other ways to help on their website:


Miss Vero received an email from a fan of the Beach House, none other than, Mr. Jose Lambiet!

Mr. Lambiet politely requested that instead of referring to Perez Hilton, that we would be more than welcome to reference his blog at the Palm Beach Post.

And we accept!

It's a match made in gossip heaven. Sorry Perez, as Hedi Klum would say you're out, Auf Wiedersehen! So here's Mr. Lambiet's link, we hope y'all enjoy reading Jose Lambiet's Page 2 Live, as much as we do:

Now we just told y'all what to do on Saturday, but that's two days away and there's a whole lot of time in between to attend to our coctailin and gadabout ways, so if y'all will excuse us....



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