Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Now hunnies, Miss Vero knows y'all were expecting some new fangled web site with a lot of bells and whistles and we sure did try on a whole mess of "dresses" to pretty this thing up, but honestly, we didn't like anything at all. Yup, some poor ole IT guys really tried to show us a bunch of stuff, but we decided to just be our plain old Miss Vero self - but with a little bit more.

Besides that, we have to be honest ( as we always are) and tell you that Miss Vero had a little health scare that, thank the Lawd, turned out to be OK . We just had to take care of that sit-chi-ation and we know y'all understand. We didn't want to cause a ruckus, but like we just said, everything turned out all right.

So, for being so patient, we've decided that we're gonna give y'all a little gift today and come on out for y'all to see.

That's right kids, a real true and honest photograph of Miss Vero!

Now if y'all are wondering just how this happened, well Miss Vero has always been in the limelight and as we've mentioned before, we once were livin in the hills of Beverly, working in the business of show. But it just so happens that one of our very first jobs started right here in Florida, down in Fort Lauderdale for a movie called "Harry and Son" starring none other than Mr. Paul Newman.

The PJ ran a story yesterday, about a woman who worked as an extra in the film when they did a remote shoot at the Sebastian Inlet, but your own Miss Vero was a "runner" for the actual production in Fort Lauderdale.

We decided to post this picture, because when we pulled this photo out of our scrapbook and showed it to our own family, nobody recognized us. We thought for sure that the holding of the cocktail glass was a dead give away, but no.

That can only mean two things, that one, we are now older and fatter than we thought, or two, that the sex change operation was a complete success or maybe both. Either way it's a pretty good bet that nobody will recognize us.

Mr. Newman has the same shirt on as in the PJ photo (that was his primary costume in the movie) and Miss Vero still has the necklace we were wearing at the time. Y'all can click on the above picture to get a closer look. and y'all can see our necklace below with yesterday's story.

Now speaking of celebrities....

Seems we have Miss Megan Fox, who was just named one of the 25 hottest stars under 25, with her Moma livin right here in Vero Beach.
Her Moma did a little interview with the Palm Beach Post, which we sent out to our friend Perez Hilton, who loves this gossip sort of thing enough to send us a little love in return:

Re: Megan Fox's Mom‏
Perez Hilton (
Tue 9/23/08 9:37 AM
Miss Vero (
Thanks Miz Vero!xoxP
On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 9:34 AM, Miss Vero <> wrote:
So Perezito, I am sending you another tip from lame old Vero Beach.

So don't be surprised when Perez Hilton comes to town as Miss Vero's guest, just saying...

And if y'all are really interested in this sort of thing there's a lot more local-girl-turns-celebrity story (apparently folks in England love her too):


Umm, well, not a whole heck of a lot apparently and when things do happen it's embarrassing.

Miss Vero got an email last week from a concerned mom who is heartbroken over the Sebastian Middle School Incident and the treatment of the story by the Press Journal.

Miss Vero,
I beg you please to write about Russ Lemmon's latest article
How can he condone this brutality on this young boy? When will this paper get rid of this gawd-awful man! Please do alert your readers of how heartless Russ truly is. I am sure if this was his child he would have a different view.
How long is depressed urinal going to keep this buffoon? Don't they realize that he makes me feel stupid when I read him! And by the way, none of my letters that I sent to him about him have ever run in the paper. Is there some kind of cover-up going on there that they don't want negative letters to the editors to appear about Russ? What kind of power does this guy have around there? Sometimes I wonder if he's ever submitted my letters to the editor to the editorial board.
Thank you for your time and please consider writing just something short about this,
A concerned parent

Miss Vero replied:
Thank you for trusting Miss Vero with your request. Since this is an extremely serious situation, I will talk to you directly and in a serious manner, dropping the "y'all's" and comedic character, which is the first and I hope last time I have to address an issue in this manner.
To answer your question, yes, Mr. Lemmon's wife is indeed the editor of the St. Lucie Scripps Treasure Coast newspaper, he arrived with his wife in late 2006. It's unfortunate that Mr. Lemmon seldom gets beyond Bob Evans to do any research or to even read his own paper, I'm not surprised at all that he formed an opinion and published it before all the facts in the case were reveled. I cannot even express in words the outrage that I feel for this incident and the way that I know this child will carry this trauma in his life.
It is because of the likes of Mr. Lemmon and the sorry excuse for a "newspaper" that I started blogging, I have found so many people like yourself who are demanding to be heard and I hope to provide a forum for us in Indian River County to do so. I will be launching the new web site next week with interactive features and more of a news format and a little less of Miss Vero. Until then, I'm with you on this, but let's just hold back and see the backlash Mr. Lemmon will undoubtedly get from his rash opinion. Believe me, this is in my radar scope, I'm watching very carefully. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Miss Vero

Hi Miss Vero,
Thank you much for your kind response and for taking the time to write such a heartfelt e-mail. I don't know if you have children, but it just tugs at my heart every time I think about what that poor child endured. And then to have some pompous writer spew his unconscionable bias "why don't you take it like a man" opinion just sickens me to my stomach. Is that what he would tell his 11 year old son?
I will be a loyal reader of your new site. I hope someone will realize that he is such a waste of paper. The depressed urinal would be better served selling his article space for ads.
Looking forward to the new format Miss Vero and more power to you!
A fan forever

Now y'all know we don't usually print our emails, but we thought that this exchange pretty much summed up the whole mess that the PJ and Mr. Lemmon made out of the tragedy.

And y'all know Russ Lemmon never apologized for his cruel words. In fact we were sure that our hero Mr. Max Newport would let him have "what for" and sure nuf ole Max went in there and posted an extraordinary comment that did not contain any profanity and met with the standards of the PJ guide lines, only to have his comment deleted and be censored by the site!

If there's one thing Miss Vero cannot stand, it's censorship!

And it seems that our local newspaper does a lot of that. Another story we're following (because of all the e mails we get ) is what the heck is goin on at the hospital? Hmm, we've been askin around and we think it's just a matter of time till we get that turnup outa the patch.

In fact, Miss Vero would like to provide a forum for anyone who's been ignored or misrepresented by the PJ, so keep sending in your material and feel free to comment.


Yup kids, we sure do have a lot more to tell y'all but we are dog tired now as we write this at 3:00am, after catchin up with all our favorite people at our local waterin holes.

Y'all know of course, we stopped in at Undertow to catch up with Miss Kitty and the Cutest Boy in Vero. Seems like they had themselves a wild time coming back from a wine tastin in Palm Beach. Anybody workin at Starbucks on Monday night see a carload of nekid folks? And y'all think nothing really happens in this town.

Miss Vero was also "outed" at the Oriente Lounge at the Costa D'Este. At least it was by the very smart and savvy manager JG. We met up with an old friend and also a new one, it was actually very relaxing there on a Tuesday night and the food is still fabulous.

Now don't worry kids, we'll get back up to speed this week and let y'all know what's going on and we'll be fixin this old blog so don't get too ruffled if the changes are slow comin.



Miss Vero said...

Y'all can post comments here...

Count du Roseland said...

Miss Vero, Thank Gawd you are back. May we say how much we have missed you and how glad you have decided to come back to the party. The Countess has been beside herself and inconsolable.

Now, I must find my sarong. I feel a rumba coming on...

Countess du Roseland said...

Dear Miss Vero,

I awoke this morning and cannot find my eyebrows! Have either you or Miss B. seen them? I had thought, since dispatching the roomba with the Count’s glock that these insipid disappearances would cease and desist. There is a conspiracy about, possibly backed by those who would deny my part of the 700 billion dollar bail out. First my money then my eyebrows, has the world gone mad?

BlessUrHeart said...

Another "thanks" to whatever deity to whom you may pray, I am so very glad you are not only back but healthy. Don't you scare us like that!! Missed you, missed you, missed you. There.

Just LOVE the picture of you and the handsome-est pair of eyes connected to one of the best brains ever. Ah-maze-ing life you've led.

Life can be so short, so people get out there and live it. We note the passing of a local politician with sadness and heartfelt condolences to his family.

Glad you are back Miss V. More news is swirling around, so much more, so you'll have plenty for this little ole beach house.

Shell said...

Miss Vero, we missed you!

Hope you feel better, I hate health scares. Mine usually involve looking at my steady diet of coffee, alcohol and Vitamin C packs and thinking "maybe I should start eating healthier." And then I get scared and it goes away. Unlike Lemmon's articles.

My hubby went to school with Ben, funny! Girls are ok, but it always sucks when you break up with someone and they rebound with a stripper. THAT will crush your ego. ahem.

Giving you some link love over at the Madness. :)

Miss B. Havior said...

I didn't know you were Farrah Fawcets love child.

fairy delilah said...

Miss Vero,
I am so glad you're back. I have to admit, for a moment there I was wondering if you are a good witch or a bad one. We have enough soul-less scribners who fancy themselves the voice of this piece of paradise we call home. I'm grateful your health is good and you're now able to navigate the rough seas that have us perilously at their mercy.

I'm going to hold off for now how the sprites and pixies have been plotting to make tart-er sauce out of Mr. Lemmon Drops, unless he digs way down deep into that seemingly empty space on the left side of his chest and apologizes to the residents for his crassness. There's no greater sin when it comes to children.

And bless Stan Mayfield, the handsomest politician in Florida. May his memory give his wife and children the comfort they need.

Fairy Delilah

Jethro Bovine said...

Hey. Who's that guy standin' next to Miz Vero?