Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well kids, he's finally gone and done it. Yup, Mr. Lemmon has made us proud. There he is doing his best Andy Rooney impersonation and honestly, we could just give him a big MWAH! on his shiny ole head, bless his heart. In the future, somebody ought tell him to put a little powder on that dome, we fear we coulda been blinded for a second there.

But Miss Vero digresses, as usual. Seriously children have y'all seen Mr. Lemmon's new video? Well, we just have to tell y'all that Miss Vero loves, loves, loves it!

This report just tickles us to no end, we can just imagine the steam comin outa ole Chester Clem's ears. Now, it's no secret that Miss Vero is a not a huge fan of Miss Kay Clem. Nothin personal mind you, just don't like the entitlement ways of the Republican Party in Indian River County in general. We also despise seeing money (especially taxpayers money) being wasted. So seeing this particular video and lovin Mr. Lemmon's work for a change was just like opening a package on Christmas morning.

Never let it be said that Miss Vero does not give credit where credit is due- so here it is, mark today on the calendar!

Thank you Russ, loved this piece!

Now that Russ is on a roll, maybe he also picked up some info at the hospital, to address his many commenters. There seems to be a few who continue to request an investigation into the goings on at Indian River Memorial Hospital. Miss Vero just happens to have come across some items that will make Miss Klem 's marketing trinkets seem quaint.

Ever heard of S.E.R.P.? Well hunnies, neither did we, until a few days ago. Here's the story;

What is a S.E.R.P.?
Why it’s a retirement plan for executives, based on years of service and pre-retirement cash compensation. It is not tied to executive performance and designed and marketed specifically as a way to increase executive compensation “off the radar screen of shareholders” (or taxpayers)

The financial accounting standards board "does not require liabilities associated with serps be itemized separately” and therefore compensation is usually hidden from our view, as firms are not required to include this increase of value in their compensation schedules.

(“Pay Without Performance” By Lucian Arye Bebchuk, Jesse Fried) http://www.amazon.com/Pay-without-Performance-Unfulfilled-Compensation/dp/0674022289/ref=sr_11_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1223470766&sr=11-1

Indian River Memorial Hospital Inc. paid its chief executive officer, Jeff Susi, $383,790 in 2006. The Vero Beach hospital was renamed Indian River Medical Center in 2006, but retains its legal name of Indian River Memorial Hospital Inc. on Internal Revenue Service documents.

In 2004, he received $361,121 in total compensation. In 2005, his total compensation was essentially the same, coming in at $357,778.

In 2006, his salary increased by $34,000 to $383,790,

but thanks to a SERP payout, his total compensation that year came to $1,222,384.

Additional compensation to Mr. Susi came from Indian River Hospital Foundation to the tune of $838,594.00 in 2005.

(see page 32)

A lot to consider, don'tcha think, what with all the recent budget cuts and job loss at the hospital:


Now that we've finally let the cat poke it's head outa the bag, is there anyone else that might like to add something to this hospital information sit-che-ation? C'mon y'all, Miss Vero has opened the door, just walk right in.




Miss B. Havior said...

The aliens must have eatin’ poor ole Mr. Lemmon’s brain; either that or he’s the slyest dog on the Treasure Coast, for laying in wait for his prey. I cannot not think of anyone more deserving than Ms. Clem, to have been bestowed this honor. The Countess is cackling for one of them “Clem Chip” clips to go with her collection of retired voting machines from the Palm Beach Counties “hangin’ chad’ election.

In fact, I think everyone was so unnerved by actual reportin’ in the PJ, no one’s noticed the bottom of your post about our dear Mr. Susi. I have created for him a new moniker, Susi-cide. Let’s use it in a sentence, shall we?
Indian River Medical Center is under a 24 hour Susi-cide watch. Or maybe, Staff layoffs are a sign of possible and eminent Susi-cide. .

Save the TaTa’s

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Are you actually takin' the position that it is bad for politicians to use taxpayer money to pay for their politikin'?

But miss clem wants to... And she gets what she wants...or she don't count your vote. (insert sinister laugh here) As long as HER votes get counted she's happy as a... Clem.

How do us reglar voter types get our share of the voter out reach booty? (You can never have enuf chip clips to keep your pork rinds fresh.)


Countess du Roseland said...

I would have posted sooner, but I was gripped by a sudden fear of clocks. Also, I had a stomachache. Also, I was irritated by the mere sight of someone (although she will not remember me): she was bug-eyed with curly hair and she was buying several sacks of donuts. As the Count said, “Nothing has an uglier look to us than reason, or a sack of donuts, when it is not on our side.”

As you can see, it is not so much the price of things, but the cost. Can't talk now – time to clean the Count.

BlessUrHeart said...

Jethro Bo-VEEN! you make me laugh, "happy as a . . . Clem!"

But a writer over on that tcpalm site cited a sighting of other politicking taxed to we the brain-dead people. Years back I'd been to those city "dos" for the Mayor's benefit. They only seem to happen when White is Mayor, but I haven't been recently. And there are handouts galore. I think I have a coffee mug, a pen or two, what else here??? All with White's name on 'em, as if he were so very important. And of course he's the only person on that council!!

Still happening, friends?? Let us know, it's election time!