Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Maybe Mayor Tom White can get the number of that marketing company from Miss Kay Clem and get himself some promotional scissors with his name on it. Seems like the only place we ever see him is at a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Y'all remember his famous pose at the Costa d'Este this summer. Sure nuf we spotted him last week at the opening of Solantic out near the Sam's club (we're sure you'll see that photo in an upcomin issue of the saucy glossy Vero Beach magazine).

And next on the agenda - another ribbon will need cuttin at the airport on October 31st.{D77F8F81-F690-41AB-945B-719FAA8ACFA3}&Design=PrintView

So Miss Vero is wonderin today, what's worse? A public official who wastes our money, (which seems like a Republican affliction), or one who gets caught foolin around on the job and wastes our time (which is mostly a Democratic deviance). Or maybe it's an entire political system designed to divide and concur us while both of the aforementioned continues endlessly?

There might be hope - spotted while we were out and about in Indian River County, the lone sign of a third party candidate.

Hey y'all, we left yesterday's post up a little extra long so that maybe some of those numbers would sink in. Just one more reason to keep the al-kee-haul flowin.



Sophie said...

Won't see anything of the sort in Vero Beach Magazine - they only cover the Barrier Island openings apparently according to the editorial office.

leers said...

Mahoney was Republican, until he saw Foley unzipping on the internet. Why did that poor woman even show up at the news conference, what is this Tammy Wynette syndrome, stand by that man, not.

Anonymous said...

The two big parties sure leave a lot to be desired these days. Makes it all the nicer to see a Ralph Nader sign in these parts. :-) Lola

BlessUrHeart said...

Mr./Ms. Leers, didn't know Mahoney used to be GOP, is that a fact? GOPs are usually tap dancing in toilets or texting tots, so this does seem more on the Eliot Spitzer side of things. Just plain old stooooopid. And believe me, I just think the world of the work Spitzer did as NY attorney general.

Just think what White would do if he ever got beyond the low rungs of the city council -- he milks that for all its worth while leering [sorry, no relation I'm sure!] at all the females in sight. Coffee mugs and free dinners turn into houses [Ted Stevens] and trips to Scotland [all of Jack Abramoff's buddies].

I am SURE, Miz V, that he has embroidered undies with "Mayor" on them, much less a pair of scissors.

This is sooooo depressing. I sure hope people will get behind the K-squad, Kevin and Ken, if you vote in the City. At least there are still SOME honest people willing to stand up and give service, not just lip service.

Also thought VB mag did things at Pointe Weste [what's with all the "e" s on "point" these days?] and such, but don't read it 'cept at the doctor's office.