Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok, two things Miss Vero would never pay money to see - A boy band and a church revival. Yet this is exactly what we did last night by going to see Altar Boyz at the Riverside Theater. Here's a little background for y'all to catch up on the storyline:

It was good. Too good. We almost forgot that we were in Vero. For a moment, Miss Vero thought that we had been kidnapped and awoke in some theater Downtown (New York City, y'all!). We couldn't wait to go to our favorite French restaurant in the East Village for a late night dinner after the show and then to some steamy hot drag clubs. But no, the only place to walk to was, out into the parking lot.

OK, back to the show. Y'all can read the reviews in the PJ or the Florida Today, but let me just tell y'all to make sure to bring a bunch of friends with ya to liven up the audience, because that was the tip off we were in Vero Beach on a Wednesday night!

Some wiseacre was sittin in my seat when we arrived, so we were all polite and didn't think much of it till a little later when he started snappin his gum and puttin his feet up on the rail in front of him. The nerve.

Miss Vero was also appalled at the number of folks who left immediately after the show-stoppin song by the very talented John Pinto Jr., musta been way past their bedtime. And there certainly weren't anybody millin about or meetin up afterwards.

Honestly, we're sure some of those folk in the audience, bless their hearts, were half dead. How else can y'all explain the sight of five very happy boys prancin around on stage while fisting lampchop puppets and not one snicker from the crowd? We thought that was hilarious! In, fact we loved the humor, but with a crowd that doesn't get it, it lost some of it's sparkle.

The Riverside Theater is fabulous! We just want a little after party, younger people, a full bar! But this is Vero, we suppose we should be grateful for the sponsors who have supported a great venue and an outstanding professional group of theater people that are willing to perform here at all!


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BlessUrHeart said...

You! Always out and about this toddlin' town! We are lucky in this small little burg to have some pretty diverse diversions. But we don't have all the big town stuff, 'cause we ain't no big town! You see why, we are small, and it takes enough people to support a lot more toddlin' things. Why do bars and restaurants go out of business? We can only support so many. That's why the market does what it does. And why so many small towns get on that bandwagon to growth, fooled into thinking they can have it all.

Here's a shocker -- NO! You can't have it all.

But you can have some really great things in small quantities and still have a big yard full of trees and water to drink and S - P - A - C - E.

We have to live within our means, and have the fun of traveling to Miami or DC or NYC once in awhile to get the full Red Bull rush. Then we can crawl home, sit on the practically empty beach that we can walk to with a great blender drink in the cooler, and relax. With friends.

Now you got me going! ;-)