Thursday, November 13, 2008


It has been especially nice to have new and welcomed guests at the Beach House. Max Newport and LDouglas are a breath of fresh air and Miss Vero is very happy that y'all are so kind and receptive to their views and ideas. Y'all know that they work hard, with no reward other than your attention and we appreciate the way in which y'all have been hospitable.

Of course there's going to be a few that are sending off emails askin "why isn't this funny anymore?' Who are these people?" Why are they making us think so much?" Where's the gossip?" and so on and so forth.

Well hunnies, Miss Vero started out just a few months ago (it seems like years) back in May and has provided y'all with a post every day with the exception of weekends and even then there were a few. We have gossiped - which we always caveat by saying something like "now y'all know this is just a rumor" and still, there's gonna be one of y'all that gets a burr in their britches and accuses us of spreading lies. We have provided many avenues of entertainment to explore - which is very difficult given the fact that we live in Indian River county, a place that isn't exactly a mecca of new ideas and high falutin fun.

Now along the way we have met many interesting people, but something else exciting happened. We gained a lot of new friends that we've never met. Folks started to pick up on the goings on here and joined our little party. So today we thought it might be fun to show you a variety of new folks that have linked to Miss Vero's Beach House.
Miss Vero just sinks right into this blog, it's very soothing. We use it as a sorbet between the news and emails.
Not linked, but we like it just the same and are happy to see someone else from Vero in the blogsphere.
Who brought the cat?
Laughin and life, ahh, Shellberry...

And finally, we are very honored to be recently linked to the Palm Beach Post via the fabulous Mr. Jose Lambiet:

So sit back and enjoy the new offerings and we'll see if we can't scrounge up some new gossip for y'all tomorrow.



mlessirard said...

Big fan of your blog...Before moving to Vero your writings clued me in on local happenings- love your wit! It's been four months since the move(love it). watching and reading...your writings are a breath of fresh air amongst all the blue signs during the election. Am I considered a Vero Beach blogger? *smile* Here's my little corner of the web The New Moon Journal

My Decor Style said...

Thanks for the mention! You are officially linked on my blog! I've been MIA this week. What would I do with a real job? Hahaha.

Raised in Vero Guy said...

This is the greatest blog in the world! Thanks Miss Vero....You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Dr. John would appreciate everybody supporting the Love Doctors toy drive. T%hey will be broarcasting from Waldos Tuesday 12-2 from 10am to 10pm.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

well Mz. VBH...Imagine my surprise to see my blog in your headlights!

Love reading your pithy insight into everything Vero! You are the "go to" gal for sure!

...Now go tell your mother your sorry. I sent her your last post.