Friday, November 14, 2008


It's hard to believe, but two weeks from today, most of y'all will be stuffed to the gills with turkey, pumpkin pie and all the formal fixins that go into makin that meal. Now most people get together at home with their families, but Miss Vero finds that this is the perfect occasion to get out of town. OK, we'll be honest, we find any time is the perfect occasion to get out of town.

Our own little turkey tradition doesn't involve a turkey at all, it actually involves a big ole pot of somethin we call low country boil, which is a favorite of people livin in the coastal Georgia area and there abouts. The recipe is a mess a shrimp, some sausage, cob corn and liberal amounts of Old Bay seasoning. Messy, after the shrimp peelin, but clean up's a breeze, cause y'all just dump the whole mess on some newspaper and roll it up when everybody's finished. Good time of the year to have the PJ on hand.

Miss Vero and entourage have found an enjoyable way to continue this tradition and we're gonna share our idea for a fun time with y'all. You see, there's quite a few of us from all different parts, so each year we just rent us a big ole house in a different location. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds, especially with some of our favorite websites that offer up these places.

Just for fun, we wondered what type of accommodations we could find in our own backyard. Take a look at the offerings from a few of the web sites:

Here's a lovely little beach house, but alas, too small for our group:

A cottage that boasts a feature in Vero Beach Magazine:

But here's a little spot down south that would really work for us:

and if that's not available, maybe this:

We wonder if they'd mind us puttin down newspapers to catch the shrimp peelins?

Now if y'all don't want to skip town or have the turkey at home, y'all can always go out to eat. The Costa D' Este is having a thanksgiving "special":

And speaking of the Costa D'Este -

Congratulations to Mrs. Gloria Estefan - Big Time Latin Grammy winner!

And congratulations also to Mr. José Feliciano, who played at Captain Hiram's one night. Yup, little known fact, Mr. Feliciano has a good friend who lives in Vero and one night at the Sand Bar, Mr. Feliciano serenaded a select (and surprised) few.

Now why doesn't stuff like that happen around here more often?

Y'all have a good weekend, we'll be back Monday with Max!



Natalie said...

Last year Key West, this year Sarasota, next year...I'm thinking Vero Beach :)

fairy delilah said...

I'm saving all my pennies for the inauguration in January. New dress, spanx, snow boots (just in case). Of course, I'm inclined to believe it will be more inspirational than what you'd call high-falutin' fun. Fact is, this one seems pretty serious about the job ahead. Thank goodness!

fairy delilah said...

Oh, the URL got cut off.

Here it is again.

Blanc Debris said...

Fairy Delilah,

Your links, I like.
Here is a lesson for you.

To embed a link into a Page, blogpost, or comment:

Keep up the good work.

LDouglas said...

blanc debris,
I've always wondered how they made those seamless hyperlinks. The lesson wasn't for me but I appreciate it just the same. I look forward to playing with it to see if I can figure out how to use them.


fairy delilah said...

I have so much to learn about this alternative universe!

Let's take a look at this link, which morphs the red/blue election maps into statistically proportionate shapes.


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