Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sorry we're a little late today kids, Miss Vero had to sleep in to recover from last nights dinner party. Nothing elaborate, just a little get together to cheer up a few friends who have been recently "downsized". On the menu - "tossed" salad and beef "stroke-meoff", all washed down with a generous supply of Effen vodka martinis. Probably way too many Effen vodka martinis, but we just couldn't help ourselves, the prices at the new Crown wine and spirits store out on route 60 were so reasonable. $19.99 for a bottle of Effen vodka and yes there really is such a thing!

We spent some time shopping out there and we have to tell y'all - we are in love! It is simply the best new store for alkeehaul and party supplies in Vero! The folks there are just so ever helpful and they let y'all taste the fabulous cheeses, snack items and do a little wine tasting to boot! Miss Vero loves, loves, loves it and this Saturday they are havin a little grand opening party from 6-8pm.

In fact, y'all could do all your holiday shoppin at that store. They have the most beautiful holiday gift baskets. Honestly, we are not easily impressed, but the selection of food, gifts and alkeehaul was incredible. They even have a little gift wrapping station and cards to make it one stop!


Looks like the location that was formally Rip's Ribs will keep it's carnivore theme and become MT's Chophouse and we hear that they're trying to open before the end of the year:

The Peruvian Restaurant on Royal Palm Pointe is being remodeled and yet another Italian restaurant will be moving in.

Costa D'Este has a new General Manager, we hear she's a lovely woman of Puerto Rican decent who will keep the resort flavorful.


That's nothing new. But hey y'all, remember all the hoopla about that dog that was found in Fellsmere? Y'all know the one that had special surgery and the PJ posted the story to find the owners, actually we think they posted a coupla stories. With all the interest that the PJ seemed to have in this story, imagine our surprise when we read in the Florida Today that the owners were found and decided they didn't want the dog after all. Thanks also to a Beach House reader who had seen the story and wondered when the PJ would follow up:

We won't even go into Mr. Lemmon's column today of his "adventure" in Sin City. Puh-leassse!
If that wasn't hilarious enough, the first comment by the sharp LDouglas mad us laugh so hard, our head started hurting! And then of course, MaxNewport chimed in and made us laugh some more! Ouch, there's that headache again. Oh well, maybe a little hair of the lost dog?



Miss B. Havior said...

I just j’adore the new liquor store! There’s no better therapy in these hard economic times, like wandering up and down the vodka isle and travelin’ to exotic places in my mind. The du’ Roselands’ have been buying those gift baskets there like crazy for gifts this season. I’m gonna’ have to lock ‘em up in the pantry, ‘cause both of those lushes keep pinching items out of them, when they think I’m not looking. (Lock up the gift baskets – not the du’ Roselands)
May I suggest, for your gentle readers, the Firefly Vodka? Tea flavored and from Charleston, SC (where they know how to do a low country boil) all you need to do is chill it and serve with a twist of lemon. Yummy!

And may I say, I have missed Blessurheart's comments. R U okay, hunny?

BlessUrHeart said...

BTW, most have missed the closing, sadly, of Saigon Bistro. It had the best of the Asian mix, Thai - Vietnamese - Japanese, and Danny is a great host. One more down . . .

BlessUrHeart said...

Oh, my dear Miss B! I just noticed your "call out," and thx, sweet thing for missing me. Yes, been so deep in alligators, have been thinking of making my own liquid meal[s], and soon, so thx for the news on the new store! What day is it? If I didn't have the nat'l elections to keep me smiling, I'd be ridin' the roomba down the middle of A-1-A.

Just catching up to you all, and so much fun to do so.

Lola said...

Isn't Crown Wine and Spirits the place where champagne tastes just like cherry cola?

I think I've been there... ;-)

Anonymous said...

in this case i wish what heppened in vegas stayed in vegas......when will sourlemmon just go away and get out of vero beach!!!!! i canceled my pj subscription and complained about him but oh well he is still there!!?? i guess the editor there does not care about a loyal reader :(

Anonymous said...

Miss Vero, I have to go anonymous on this one for salary's sake, but I read you often.

I was bitching to a friend at the FP Tribune office about Lemmon and Journalistic Integrity and all that sparkly idealistic stuff only to find out that his wife works in the office right next to my a-bit-to-loud ranting. Lol. Opps.

But interesting that they keep it in the family? No?