Friday, November 21, 2008


Any of y'all see the nakid man running around on the beach last week? No? Neither did we, but apparently when the IRSO dispatcher asked the caller how they knew the man was nood and not just wearin a skin colored swim suit, the caller said "becuase we can see his giant member dangle!" - Thanks to one of our favorite Beach House readers for sending that in!

There are those days, when nothing much happens around these parts. We feel bad when we can't get y'all a fresh page of postin each and every morning. But at least we try. Miss Vero will not bore y'all with the mindless counting of signs and licence plates. But hey, we're just a simple little blog and we wonder why y'all depend on us so much and then we remind ourselves it is because of the other offerings out there - like the aforementioned mindless counting of signs and licence plates, the in depth review of the Olive Garden (thanks, y'all know who at the PJ) and the local tv10 news - who have still not updated their we site since we started bloggin back in May.

We're also a little disappointed with the online presence of some of our favorites in town. Verobeach32963 has a great paper but we wish they would update the online edition.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHETT PALMER - now do us a favor and get your online forum up and running.

Ok, we're done complaining.

Now, since some of y'all might have some time on your hands , Miss Vero is askin y'all to send in your stuff! That's right, help a blogger out.

Thank goodness we have MaxNewport and LDouglas, who have been ever so kind to lend us their talent and intellect. And of course our old friends, Miss B. Havior, Blessurheart, Fairy Delilah, Lola and Jethro Bovine. But while everyone else is downsizing, The Beach House would like to expand, so if y'all have something new and exciting send it on in!

Please kids, don't make us start countin things. Let's see... 4 martinis last night, two tequila shots on just isn't pretty.



macdear said...

It was a very interesting post over at my friend Mizz Vero’s Beach House, Friday.
Here are my humble thoughts.

Ya’ll are all thinking the nekkid man was “hanging out” so to speak, for that glorious all over tan, aren’t you. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! That man was nekkid ‘cause he wanted some of that good ole’ IRMC health care! You heard me right, free health care!
Now I’m not one to gossip because I leave it to Mizz Vero and my acquaintance, K. Ratchett, RN, to dole out the tasty tidbits. Best these things are left in the hands of trained professionals but…….
Several years ago, K. Ratchett, RN, likes to tell the story of a nekkid sunbather. Not quite to the age of Medicare and supremely out of shape….after viewing this gentleman sans clothing, Nurse Ratchett states, one would want to claw her eyes out or begin drinking heavily and perhaps both. This naturalist would prance on our fine Vero beaches, until the cops would come and put an end to his sun worshiping. Now, and this is the kicker…..upon his arrest for indecent exposure, Mr. Nekkid Man, would clutch his chest and state dramatically, “I’m having chest pain. I think it’s a heart attack!” Voila’ and off to the Emergency Room with you! Overweight and above a certain age will land you at least a 24 hour reprieve from jail, while our fine hospital staff evaluates your heart condition, usually just enough time for a friend to bail ya’ out of jail. Also, since one is arrested, the tab is picked up by the arresting enforcement agency.
What about when justice is served? Well, nekkid on the beach isn’t a large offense here in the Sunshine State and the fine is much lighter than the hospital bill would have been.
So, just what is the moral of this story? Nekkid on the beach is a victimless crime – if you don’t like it avert your eyes and find another beach. Better yet, establish a dedicated Nekkid Area for all those foreigners and naturalist’s visiting our area. Health care is a terrible thing to waste.

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Pirates of Del Mar

Anonymous said...

Miss Vero : you have a very interesting array of followers if the comment section is any indication.