Thursday, November 27, 2008


No matter if it's tofurkey or traditional, have a thankful day. And if y'all have a moment, check out the video over at the Pirates of DelMar, cause if there's one thing we love to watch on Turkey Day it's that big ole balloon parade!

Thanks to all our friends, followers and family and a special thanks to our contributors, Max Newport and LDouglas for comin on board at the Beach House!



Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you...and yours!

Miss B. Havior said...

Happy Thanksgivin’ to all ya’ who come stay and play at the Beach House!

Thank you Mizz Vero and your sweetie pie Secret Squirrel too, for giving all the members of the Vero Beach Cocktail Party a safe haven, where we don’t have to drive home drunk and we can caterwaul till the cows come home!

Bless ur Heart, thanks for reminding me to check on the Count and Countess! This morning I had to rescue the turkey from the hot tub, when the Count thought it would be an excellent idea for them both to bathe as one. Couldn’t let that happen, ‘cause I’ve been saving up my calories for today. That turkeys gotta’ be cooked correctly and presently. I’m hungry enough to eat the south end of a north bound skunk.

LDouglas said...

Your quite welcome Miss Vero and I thank you for the privilege.

Happy Thanksgiving to all as well. I hope you took some time to refect on things your thankful for so your soul is as full with good things as your stomach. :-)

BlessUrHeart said...

Ah, Miss B, a new way to brine the turkey! The count has endless ideas . . .

but LDouglas, you are correct, have seen some really BIG gators in the Sebastian river, although it is cleaner than the lagoon, I stay in my kayak! I never took any shots, btw, so max will have to 'splain where he was in the river!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, as I did with family and friends, and am looking forward to being able to look forward to leftovers. Just not that hungry yet.

a big "MWAH" to everyone.

Max Newport said...

Ma and Pa Newport may have been a tad over protective of their young un's but each spring I got a typhoid shot to deal with the rancid water and a tetanus shot in case I fell on an oyster bed.

They must have worked since I have remained typhoid and tetanus free.

LDouglas said...

You learn something new everyday. I knew you could get an infection by oyster cuts but I didn't know a tetanus shot would prevent it. (We always got them if we cut ourselves on something rusty.)

And I always imagined typhoid was a communicable disease from the tropics- more tropical than Florida.