Friday, November 28, 2008


Why y'all, why? Who started this crazy idea of waiting in line at all hours of the morning, just to get a flat screen TV for $399, that honestly, nobody really needs? This is the age of internet and when people are willing to let us shop in the comfort of our homes and then deliver our purchases to our front door, why would any sane person even think about going out and dealing with the marketing crack known as "Black Friday"? Miss Vero thinks y'all are fools for even considering the idea. Let us offer an alternative for your holiday shopping needs:

A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Tim Dorsey for sendin us that email!

And of course, for your shopping convenience, y'all can get anything at just by clickin through that little box on the right. Stay at home, save gas, be civilized, pour yourselves a cocktail and shop a way, on your own time schedule! It's the 21st century hunnies! Gotta love that technology!


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