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Now, before we get into the rather serious offerin that Mr. Max Newport has for us today, Miss Vero wants to remind y'all about the Love Doctors toy drive tomorrow. Our own favorite Dr. John will be in attendance and we hope y'all will be there too. They'll be broadcasting live from 10am till 10pm, so get yourselves over to Waldo's and make a donation!

Any amount of money would be great, the money buys more toys because they can buy toys at a discount, everyone volunteers so all the money goes to buyin toys, and all the toys are for local children. Even though Miss Vero is not a frequent listener of this particular radio station, we do know that this is a cause worth supporting, so we'll be out there and maybe we'll see y'all!

The topic that our friend Max has chosen to bring up, is one that we've talked about previously, back in October. We actually took the time to go and meet with Mr. George Sigler, because we were interested in someone who spent the time and money to voice their opposition to a legal sentence, in the form of a paid opinion section in the Press Journal.

Now, Max is more than probably right on the legal technicalities, but Miss Vero tends to agree with Mr. Sigler - that the punishment was a bit harsh, especially when we've seen and heard of more serious crimes receiving less punishment. We suppose it's a matter of opinion, especially the Judges. Of course, the best advice we can give y'all is to not do anything so stoopid to get yourselves in a mess like that to begin with! But as we all know, try as you may, you can't legislate morality and as our Granmamie used to say - "That there stank was made long before anyone caught wind of it" - meaning, we think all of those involved had issues way before the crime was ever committed.

Every Form of Refuge Has Its Price
Max Newport

Denise Harvey. There I said it. The name that is guaranteed to stir controversy and at least a dozen or more comments if printed on TCPalm. There was a little research done for this article. Max does have a few friends who are attorneys, who work on both sides of the criminal justice system and spent some quality time talking with them to try to gain a little perspective on the legal ramifications that surround this case and yes, I took notes.

For those of you who are not familiar with the case, Ms. Harvey was convicted by a jury this past summer of five counts of having unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Each of the charges carried a maximum of 15 years in prison for a total of 75 years. She received a 30 year sentence on August 28th imposed by Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn which was the minimum legal sentence under the Florida Sentencing Guidelines, which the judge must follow unless there is a legally valid reason to go below the minimum sentence. Judge Vaughn found there was no valid reason for a downward departure and rightfully imposed the minimum legal sentence. Ms. Harvey is currently appealing her case to the Fourth District Court of Appeals and is out on bond pending their ruling.

This has caused a flurry of outrage in the form of angry letters to the editor and a petition drive started by a gentleman named George Sigler which claims over 1200 signatures complaining about the unjust sentence imposed on this defendant. The source of his motivation is unclear and since I don’t know, I will not speculate. What is clear is that those opposed to this sentence are looking for a double standard of justice to contrast between male and female victims of sexual abuse. There is no such distinction nor should there be.

The supporters of Denise Harvey claim the victim in this case, was lucky to have been seduced by the 38 year old mother of his close friend, who was a self-described MILF on her Myspace webpage. (If you don’t know what a MILF is, for God’s sake don’t Google it . . . you will forever contaminate your computer . . . just trust me that the first word is mother and the last word is the proverbial “f-bomb”). Max has always been attracted to females of my own age. When I was 16, my girlfriend was 16 and the concept of having sex with a mother of one of my best friends was just one thing on a long list of things I had never considered. It’s not that my friend’s mothers were not attractive; they were. As an adult, looking back, if a friend’s mom had attempted to seduce me, it would have been traumatic in so many ways. How would I deal with my friend, my parents, my girlfriend? How would my parents react to a fellow parent of a 16 year old they had trusted enough to be in the company of their child?

Why should it be different that the victim is male? Is there any evidence to indicate that 16 year old girls enjoy sex any less? So why is a 16 year old boy “lucky” to be seduced and a 16 year old girl “victimized”? Why did Roman Polanski not come back to the United States to attend the Academy Awards a few years ago?

Those who are complaining about this 30 year sentence need to go back to the basics. Why do we need a system of justice to begin with? Should George Sigler take the bench and decide what the sentence should be? How about letting the parents of the victim decide the sentence? Maybe Judge Vaughn should have asked for a Press Journal poll? Other Harvey supporters claim that other MILF offenders who were convicted received a much lesser sentence. Shouldn’t we strive for a justice system that treats each case on an individual basis? And despite what many consider an overly harsh sentence, she did receive the benefit of what has been designed as a uniform system of justice.

Based upon my legal advisors, the Florida Sentencing Guidelines were created so that equal justice would be meted out throughout the state. Prior to the enactment of the guidelines in the 1980’s criminal punishment was very inconsistent depending on where the conviction occurred. Without a minimum sentence, a person in Gilchrist County could get a 15 year sentence and a person would get probation in Dade County on the same crime. The guidelines are based on a scoresheet where points are added based upon the seriousness of the crime, the number of the crimes, victim injury or sexual contact, any prior record and other various components so that a point total is reached. For some reason 28 points is deducted from the point total and that number is multiplied by .75 to reach the legal minimum number of months a criminal must spend in prison. Denise Harvey was convicted of five offenses each involving sexual contact. Based upon that formula, which is used in all felony cases, Ms. Harvey scored to a minimum sentence of 30 years. The judge can legally impose a lesser sentence based upon mitigating circumstances which are articulated by the Florida Supreme Court. None of these applied in the Harvey case.

By happenstance, Max was in the courtroom the day Denise Harvey was sentenced. I was there to comfort an old friend who was feeling down; totally unrelated to the Harvey case. You would never know it by reading the Press Journal, but there were dozens of criminal sentencings that afternoon. Elliott Jones, who I respect as a reporter, bolted with his photographer right after her sentencing as if he had to actually scoop any other reporter in the courtroom (there were none). It’s too bad Elliott didn’t stick around because the guy right after Harvey was sentenced to life without parole for a crime involving a teenaged girl, but for some reason that didn’t make the news so you can’t read about that one.

From my perspective, I saw an unrepentant, almost defiant, defendant who refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. The prosecutors pointed out that she had told the victim during a taped conversation to keep his mouth shut or she could get in a lot of trouble. There is no doubt that Denise Harvey knew she had committed criminal acts. Her defense attorney tried to argue a mitigating factor that “the victim was an initiator, willing participant, aggressor, or provoker of the incident.” The judge pointed out that since the purpose of the law is to protect minors; the minor is not capable of giving consent to the crime. Therefore he cannot be a “willing participant” to a law that was designed to protect him. Based upon what I heard in court, any sentence lower than the 30 years imposed would have constituted an illegal sentence.

After talking with my lawyer friends, they expect the Fourth District Court of Appeals to affirm the sentence since it is a legal sentence. The judge could have imposed a sentence of 75 years and the appellate court could not overturn it. They can only reverse an illegal sentence. The law allows the defendant 60 days after the ruling of the appellate court to file a motion to mitigate the sentence. By that time Judge Vaughn will be back on the bench in Fort Pierce and Judge Robert Hawley will assume Vaughn’s prior docket. My friends claim that Judge Hawley has a reputation as being quite lenient on the criminal bench, but if he follows the law he will be bound to impose the legal minimum sentence imposed by Vaughn. If he imposes anything less than a legal sentence, the state can then appeal the imposition of an illegal sentence.

What Denise Harvey did was wrong. She was caught dead to rights and her defiant attitude surely is not working in her favor. As the parent of three, I trust the parents of my children’s friends not to have sex with them, whether they are male or female. If she had "MILF’ed" one of my kids, you can bet I would be asking for 75 years and be very upset that she didn’t get the maximum sentence.

You will rarely hear Max agree with Hillary Clinton, but I do agree with the concept that it takes a village to raise a child. As parents we should all be looking out for the best interests of all of our kids.

Denise Harvey does not belong in our village.



Brian Maxson said...

Exactly correct, Max, well done.

Mrs Harvey broke the law and because she is a woman thinks she is above the law?

Shame she didn't get the 75 years, personally.

And a truly tragic end to a family relationship, all because this criminal cheated on her husband and had sex with her child's friend.

And to think that George and over 1200 people in this community encourage this behaviour? I live amongst some really friggen sick people.

And because her affair was a clear violation of the law, she gets to spend a whole lot of time thinking about her decision.

Lot to be said about having a "Go Back®" button, huh?

Shame is no one will learn from this...

Brian Maxson said...
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Brian Maxson said...

oh, and by the way, TJ rules!

the MonkeyClaw® makes for a great ringtone...should try it!

$10 may win you $10,000!

See ya tomorrow at Waldo's!

(sorry, first post jitters....)

LDouglas said...

I don't think anyone wants to encourage that behavior. As a mother who reads too much news I have gone to lengths to protect my son from the perverts that lurk out there. But by 16 he was well aware of what is proper and decent and if he had an affair with one of his friends mother's, I would have been just as upset with him as I was with her.

What I disagreed with the sentence really has to do with the absurdity of the law. A 16 year old is not old enough to consent to sex but is old enough to be charged as an adult if they had committed a crime. Also, a 16 year old is old enough to make an adult decision as far as quitting school. Or becoming emancipated. Or driving a car.

Another thing was the difference between Denise Harvey and other sex offenders. Max may have blown a hole in the reasoning behind that but before it was the threat level. It seemed she posed a threat only to those old enough to know better.

It was also reading news articles pointing out how Florida was turning out criminals, even violent offenders ahead of time due to lack of beds and funds. At a time when our taxes are putting the squeeze on lots of hardworking people it doesn't seem fair not to be more selective about who serves a jail sentence and who doesn't.

However, I understand and value the scoresheet for fairness. But maybe it's time to revisit our laws to make sure they're practical and right for today's climate.

That's one of the reasons I supported Mr. Sigler's petition. It was a chance to bring attention to the Governors office in the hopes we could revisit some of our laws.

The second reason I supported it is because regardless of how you feel about it, he went beyond complaining about it to his family, friends, co-workers or blogging about it. How much better would we be as a nation if more of us did the same? So this issue may be one you don't agree with but look at the dialogue it's opened up. I haven't followed all of it but still gleaned a lot of understanding from both sides. And still am.

BlessUrHeart said...

Max [and "Max's son?"] haven't touched on the other sentences in the state, under the same law, that give 'parole only' penalties to the same violations. LDouglas and the rest of us are not saying "no penalty at all," as the Maxes imply. Hardly.

at 14 in some states you can get married. not that everyone [anyone] should, but that's the law. is it right? hmmmm.

Would you really like to go into the difference between how boys differ from girls in their sexual maturity? looking just for sex, or looking for relationship, love, etc. they've written books, so just leave it at that.

But how 'bout the concept of "curing" a rapist? That's the idea behind sexual predator laws, and long sentences. Men who prefer inexperienced and vulnerable females -- they haven't found a cure, so they just leave 'em behind bars, which then sweeps in even the 18 yr. olds who slept with their 17 yr-old girlfriends.

the problem is indeed the law. You think even one year behind bars is an easy thing? the concept that Ms. Harvey will learn a better lesson after 30 years instead if 5 is not something I would believe. Her 5 violations are not 5 different victims. Yes, it was wrong, yes, punishment is appropriate, but if you can prove to me that she will prey on 16 yr old boys for the rest of her life, have at it.

Max Newport said...

BlessUrHeart and LDouglas, you both raise excellent points which I should have addressed but when I saw the word count hit 1500. I thought it would be best to put this one to bed (so to speak). Maybe with all of the notes I took, I should do a follow up to address those issues.

Max is the father of three girls but was ready to adopt Brian until he got into the MonkeyClaw thing. For some reason, I feel that in some cases ignorance is bliss.

And LDouglas, to change the subject, my mother's brother died of tetanus at the age of 13 after stepping on a stick. It was also known as "lockjaw" back in those days. Needless to say, as a child I got a tetanus shot after a papercut.

fairy delilah said...

My little angels, not yet 16, simply have no defense against the feminine wiles of a grown woman. I'd scratch out her eyeballs and feed them to the gators -- you 'betcha!

That said, throughout history, women have been executed, hospitalized and IMPRISONED for their displays of sexual aggression. Think Ann Boleyn, Islamic women stoned to death for sex out of wedlock, Rosemary Kennedy - who was lobotomized for her sexuality (lobotomy as castration), perhaps Aileen Wuornos, and now "MILF"s.

There is a sense of all of us just careening through space, colliding in what appears to be deliberate "happenstanceness" of gothic proportions. Does it ever feel that way to you, too.

On that note, here is an email from a Floridian forwarded to me (I deleted his last name for his privacy, though I do not know him) who, by happenstance, was in Mumbai last week.

From: Jonathan
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 2:27 AM
To: johanna
Subject: Hey

Hey guys.

Got all your notes. Thank you. I'm ok. A little shaky to be honest but
really just happy to be here. I can't thank you enough for your notes. You have no idea what the mean to me. Hope to see and speak to you all soon.

I wrote the following on the plane.

It's 3.33 am Thursday Nov 27th. And I am writing this from Jet Airways
flight 0227, First leg of the Mumbai - Brussels - Toronto - Vancouver journey . It is a stream of "adrenaline" piece. I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors. But I wanted it raw and unedited.

First, some context.

I have always been truly blessed. Lucky to be born to the most love a
child could ever wish for. Luck to be born into a family that prided
itself on teaching me how to be a man. Lucky to have been protected
and sheltered by three strong, decent brothers. Lucky to have found and married the kindest heart on the face of the earth. Lucky to be blessed beyond blessed with four healthy, beautiful children. Lucky
to have wonderful friends who tolerate my idiosyncrasies.

Tonight, these blessings, these gifts of love and life bestowed upon me, this incredible good fortune, saved my life. And I honestly don't know why.

The details.

I am in Mumbai on business. I'm staying at the Trident hotel. It's
sister hotel, the Oberai, is right next-door and attached by a small

I had dinner by myself in the Oberai lobby after some late meetings.

I retired upstairs to my room. About 10min later my colleague, Alex, text-ed asking me to join him and his friend in the Oberai lounge for a drink. I started to make my way out the door but decided that I was really too tired. I had a 7am flight, and needed to be up at 5. Rest beckoned. I closed the light, got into bed and quickly fell asleep. Lucky life-saving decision number 1.

About 1hr later there was knock at my door. A few seconds later, the
doorbell rang (they have doorbells for hotel rooms here -- who'da
thunk?). I thought“ who the hell is knocking at my door? Turn down
service? This late? Forget it." So I just lay there and hoped they
would go away. Lucky life-saving decision number 2.

Five minutes later I heard and felt a huge bang. I got up and went to
look out the window. A huge cloud of grey smoke billowed up from the
road below. I thought. Fireworks? I didn't see anyone milling about
so knew something wasn't right. I started to walk to the light switch
when - BANG - another huge explosion shook the entire hotel.

Oh fuck, I thought. Is that what I think this is? I opened the door to
the hallway. A few people were already outside.

I heard the word "bomb".

Oh shit. Oh shit I thought.

I'd like to tell you that I calmly collected my myself and my things
and proceeded to the exits.

I didn't. An adrenaline explosion erupted inside me and almost lifted
me off the floor. And I began to move. Really move.

I went back inside, quickly packed my stuff and went back into the hall.

I ran to the emergency exit and started making my way down the stairs (I was on the 18th floor).

There were a few people in the stairwell. I was flying by them. I
swear I could have run a marathon in 2hrs. I felt like pure energy.

About halfway down, I called my friend Mark, told him what had
happened and asked him to get me a flight - any flight - the hell out
of Mumbai.

I got to the lobby level. There was a crowd of people in the corridor.
No one moving. No one doing anything. No hotel staff. No security people.

Shit. I thought. We are sitting ducks.

I decided to get out of there. First, into the lobby.

I stepped through the door into the silent lobby. My first sight was a
blood soaked plastic bag and bloody footsteps leading into the
reception area. I proceeded forward. The windows were shattered and glass was everywhere. There wasn't a soul around.

Bad decision, I thought. I quickly retreated to the corridor. The
crowd of people had grown.

We've got to get out of here I yelled. Let's go.

I looked around for the emergency exit and started running towards it.

I made my way through the bowels of the hotel and out into a dark
alley. It was empty and silent. I looked to my left and about 100m
away saw a few security guards milling about.

Run they screamed. I began to move toward them.

I reached the main street and was immediately swept up into the Indian throngs (for those who have been to Mumbai, you know what I mean). People everywhere. But they were all eerily quiet. No one was talking. No car horns. Nothing.

I started yelling "airport airport".

Some one (a hotel cook I believe) grabbed me and my bag and threw me
in a rusty mini-cab.

As I sped away, I didn't see a single police car nor hear a single
siren. Just the sound of this shit-box car speeding down the deserted road.

Traffic was stop and go. I made it to the airport in about 1hr,
cleared customs and buried myself in a corner of a packed departure
lounge, called my wife, called my parents and brothers and started
emailing those friends who knew I was in Mumbai.

Sadly, Alex - my colleague who texted me for a drink - and his friend were not so lucky. The terrorists stormed into the lobby bar and killed several people. They took Alex and his friend hostage and started to march them up to the roof of the hotel.

About half way up, Alex managed to escape (he ducked through an open
door and hid) but his friend was caught. And as I write this, that
poor man is still on the roof of the Oberai.

Alex is safe but as expected, extremely worried about his friend.

I'm telling you right now. If I decided to meet Alex for that drink
tonight I'd either be dead, a hostage on the roof of a building 30 hours away from everyone I love or - if I had the balls of Alex - a
stupid-but-lucky-to-be-alive jerk.

And remember that knock/ring at my door? Well, I subsequently learned
that the first thing the terrorists did was get the names and room
numbers of western guests. They then went to the rooms to find them. E..., with an E, room 1820.

I'll bet my entire life savings that they were the knock at my door.

Thank god for jet lag.
Thank god for "cranky tired Jonny" (as many of my friends and family
know so well) that compelled to get into and stay in bed.
Thank god for being on the 18th floor.
Thank god for the kind kind people of Mumbai of helped me tonight. The
wonderfully kind hotel staff. That cook. My cab driver who constantly
said "relaxation" "relaxation" "I help" and who kept me in the cab
when we hit a particularly gnarly traffic jam and i wanted to get out
and walk. And for other people in traffic who, upon hearing from my
own cab driver that I was at the Oberai, literally risked life and
limb to stop traffic to let us get by (as again, only those who have
been to Mumbai can truly appreciate).

Mumbai is a tragically beautiful place. Incredibly sad. But I am
convinced that its inhabitants are definitely children of some
troubled but immensely soulfully god.

I'm sitting on plane (upgraded to first class - see, told you I'm lucky). Just had the best tasting bowl of corn flakes I've ever had in my life. Hennessey coursing through my veins. Concentration starting to loosen and sleep beginning to creep onto my horizon.

I still feel a bit numb. But mostly I feel like I've just watched a
really really bad movie staring me. Because right now, it all doesn't
feel real. Maybe a few hours of CNN will knock me into reality. But
the truth is numb is fine with me for a while. If I do end up
thinking about the what if's, I don't really want to do that until I'm much much closer to home. And I have 30 more hours of travel time to go.

But before I sign off, let me say this.

The people who did this have no souls. They have no hearts. They are simply the living manifestation of evil and they only know killing and murder. We - all of us - need to understand that. Their target
tonight was first and foremost Americans. Why? Because they fear
everything that America stands for. They fear hope and change and
freedom and peace. Let's make no mistake; they would have shot me and my children point blank tonight with out a moment's hesitation. Most of us sorta know that but sometimes we equivocate. We can't
equivocate. Not ever.

I know that I want to go back. Lay some flowers. Wrap my arms around
these people. Say thank you. Spend some money on overpriced hotel
gifts and tip well. And generally give the bastards who did this the
big fuck you and show them that I am not - I repeat not - afraid of

But first I need to go squeeze my wife. Dry her tears. Then have her
dry mine as I hold my beautiful beautiful babies who will be
(thankfully) oblivious to all of this. Because isn't that what life
is really about?

I appreciate you taking the time to listen.

With much much love.


virtual vero said...

Hi Max,
My understanding of the appellate court is that they only review for law or procedure, make sure that everything was followed through appropriately according to precedent. They don't review new evidence. I'm not sure the only time they'll overturn a sentence is if it's illegal. Are judges allowed to get away with illegal sentences without retribution?

Nice post anyway.

Brian Maxson said...

And guess what. Our soldiers are laying their lives down for us and it's illegal for those same soldiers to drink if they're under 21 on American Soil.

I can't be sympathetic to those that clearly violate the law. And Ms. Harvey knew what she was doing, both for herself and it being against the law.

Heck, look at that comic Tater Salad whatever that got popped for a nickle bag. So instead of finding 50 bales of weed, they cart him off for a joint that could have just been ground into the asphalt and written off as a false alarm.

Laws are laws, whether they be against my better judgement or not, they're still laws that "protect" us, and I'm obligated to follow them if I want to enjoy my freedom.

I also have the sense to know that sex feels the same if the person is (cringe) 16 or 36. It's just an appendage and a receptical. The "difference" seems to be the distance and "abuse" each has endured. But I can assure you this, you can find a robust specimen of legal age if you apply yourself.

Why she chose the direction she did is beyond me.

LDouglas said...

Brian Maxson,
I feel the same way about the soldiers and drinking age. Even what your saying about the Tater guy.

I also believe laws are laws. I buy a fishing license even though I know the marine patrol never asks to see it when they pull you over for an inspection.

My point of view is that the sentence was extreme enough to revisit our laws. As we become more and more populated we're seeing more and more heinous crimes. We're also seeing more and more laws to cover what was once common sense, common courtesy or common decency. The legal justice system is expensive to operate. And we're getting poorer and poorer. I just think we need to step back and look at the broad picture. A child predator for sure deserves and is worth locking up for 30 years. I still can't figure out what MILF means (and I don't really want to know) so I can't say now what I think Denise Harvey deserves. (Before I would have said 5 years, counseling and years of community service.)

I guess overall what I'm saying is we should challenge our laws (or the sentences) in order to make sure we're making best use of our resources. Also note when you lock up a person who could be punished by paying a fine or community service, your gaining an expense while losing a source of income.

Oh and please rest assured I have no interest in boys. (And to me they don't become men until at least 40.)

LDouglas said...

I enjoyed the first person account of the Mumbai bombings. I've had adrenaline rushes before (not that exciting) but they are quite an experience. Thanks.

Your right. Ignorance can be bliss. Which reminds me to thank you for the warning on googling MILF or I probably would have. After trying to figure it out on my own, I decided it was best to let it go. I don't know what MonkeyClaw is either but that's okay. (BTW, I've heard of lockjaw and I can see her reasoning.)

Brian Maxson said...

MILF mean "Mothers I'd Love to F***".

Why would the law be different for a woman than it is for a man?

Would this perspective be in relation to a 16 year old girl dressing up to attract and perhaps entice that teacher? or the her friend's dad? or the doctor?

No, the law stipulated in this event that a child is a person under 18 years old and Ms. Harvey violated that law.

Why would a law be re-visited because the accused is a woman?

So what if the 16 year old boy "came onto" Ms. Harvey. I don't remember offhand what the law is with sexual relations with a 16 year old with a 21 year old? is, but I know for a fact is is not 40.

I will add, personally, that I have a problem with the boy not even being charged.

Brian Maxson said...


Please know I appreciate the effort involved with the intent which you've admitted to signing the petition for, but I can only hope that looking upon the facts of the law that it's applied fairly, sans a plea deal, to both genders.

Anonymous said...

Brian, your comments are overwrought and your remedy draconian. We do make mistakes, but I am not in favor of incarcerating a woman for 30 years, I cannot afford the tab for your remedy for "sex crimes"
The sixteen year old boys I knew way back when, were perfectly capable of saying no. This is not a 9 year old.
I have been also in the world, where a giant hand comes down and takes the lives of 185 people who went through the wrong door and got on the wrong airplane.
The Islamic world of responsible citizens needs to take care of its own and participate in stopping the children with dead eyes, and submachine guns. Think also, though of the Dunkin Donuts shootings. What kind of gun laws have been eviscerated while we neglected congress. Are automatic weapons now on store shelves?
The Ku Klux Klan of the Islamic world must be addressed and edited, we have seen it done and would hope that one could look at history and understand how a civil world takes them out.

HarveyKharma said...

To anyone that knows the Harveys, there is no surprise she committed these crimes. There is also no surprise she still won't fess up, even if her attorney did at sentencing. She still denies it to some people, even though those of us in or near her circle (especially in the baseball families) knew it was true when the story first broke. Can it be proven she'll offend again, someone asked? What has changed? Less attractive after years of stress? Packed on a few cheeseburgers and pizza? 16 years olds don't always fall for the beauty queens, obviously. They hit the easiest targets, and this target is known to be a "can't miss" over the years. So who's to say she won't commit again? No remorse? Maybe she doesn't see it as a wrong thing to do. If that's true, look out Vero.

Brian Maxson said...

lol Anonymous said: We do make mistakes, but I am not in favor of incarcerating a woman for 30 years, I cannot afford the tab for your remedy for "sex crimes".

Hey Anonymous? Your input is appreciated, thank you.

Simple solution: Do not commit the crime.

I'd bet you'd feel a lot different had it been a 40 year old man having consentual sex with your 16 year old daughter, knowing she wanted it, right? But maybe not with your line of thinking.

People that have to illegally bump uglies, whether prostitution, rape or pedophilia, deserve what they get when they're caught. Period.

Anonymous said...

BM,Are you calling the victim ugly in your comment to anonymous?Or just implicating the victim is guilty of a crime too?

HarveyKharma said...

"Bumping uglies" is slang for "making love".

beverly true said...

BRIAN MAXSON - you really are an idiot.
You say that people in Vero are friggen' WHAT ????

YOU are the jackass, fool.

You said the same thing about people in Toledo when you were chased out of Toledo.
how about looking in the mirror for the problem, penisbreath ????