Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Before the Turkey day and on the round about way to our Thanksgiving destination, we thought it'd be a good idea to make a stop in Okeechobee. Y'all know, it just seemed like the thing to do and besides, there's always someone in the car who has a hankerin for some catfish, in our case case it was the Secret Squirrel. A common problem, right?

While over the years, we have been to every big city and backwater town in Florida, Miss Vero hasn't been out that way in a while. The last time we thought about catfish was when we did our little "Muck in Fellsmere" post back in May. That road trip idea was so good, that some folks actually printed it out and followed our tour all the way to Kenansville. Check it out http://missverosbeachhouse.blogspot.com/search/label/Kenansville

Of course we stopped by the "Big Lake", just to make sure it was still there, behind the levee. We took the time to get out and feel the breeze. Lovin the weather at this time of year, we almost forgot how beautiful the landscape of undeveloped Florida is, it reminds us of days way before, when things were simple. By the time the sun was setting,we felt like we were driving through a Highwaymen painting: http://www.floridahighwaymenpaintings.com/

We hadn't been to Lightsey's in while, but it was just like we remembered. And besides catfish, they had cooter, gator and grouper cheeks. It's an old Florida tradition, well maybe not too old, but it did first open in 1977 and we've been going there for a while. Wish we could give y'all a link to their web site, but hunnies, they don't have one! Y'all are just gonna have to take the time to google a map and get out there for yourselves.

Now, we know y'all like gossip and good lip sparring, but sometimes it's refreshing just to take a long drive somewhere that doesn't require getting on I-95 and breathe some fresh air. Miss Vero is happy to provide y'all with a little palette cleansing between the hot talk and martinis. Catfish sorbet anyone?

Yes that's right, Miss Vero- now available in sober!

But don't worry too much, it's just the effects of getting out of town and not having to be stuck in Vero, it'll pass.



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