Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here's that big ole steaming plate o'gossip that y'all are cravin!

Ok, we hear - and this could be someone just pullin our leg - that Dockside Grill had them a little robbery last Saturday night. The story goes that after closing time some employees were sittin at the bar, as restaurant employees do, when two men came in and introduced themselves as the new cleaning crew. These two men then commenced to do some cleaning starting in the office with the safe. After they cleaned it out real good, they told the folks at the bar (one of which we hear was a manager ) that they were going out for cigarettes and would be right back. After about an hour, the manager realized what had happened and called the po-po.

Now Miss Vero asks y'all, is it true? And if so, could it have been an inside job? We hear Bobby is planning on pulling out of Dockside, but we don't put any stock in it because there are just so many rumors about Bobby's these days, we don't know what to believe. We also heard that Bobby's mama sold the building where the original Bobby's is at and the rent is gonna go sky high, that's why Dockside was opened. Well hunnies, who knows?

We also hear, that Ti Amo Sempre is on the move again and that the new landlord will be none other than Mr. Tom Collins of Captain Hiram's fame who just bought Monte's and Rip's old site. We hear Ti Amo will be moving in there later this year.

Another Italian restaurant opening up in town, but y'all probably already know this - it will be at the old Patio site. Lawdy, just what we need another Italian restaurant. We sure do miss the Patio. and we sure will miss the antiques and artifacts that once decorated the old place. Regarding that, we also hear that after the sudden closure, some of said items somehow were "misplaced" and will probably not find their way home. Sad.

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that Dockside grill is really just a "gin mill" how stupid that even it's own managers can't manage the place what idiots! Probably that druggie gregg.

Anonymous said...

Please delete the previous comment about "gin mill" that was uncalled for. Thank you

Anonymous said...

God does Vero really know how to screw up a story! 1st off the false "cleaning crew" came in and took off when they realized someone was in the building (2 employees were there...neither one a manager). 2nd...we don't even own a safe! And 3rd, they caught the losers that did it! Inside job? I know NOT! As for Bobby, he is very happy at the Dockside and still owns Bobbys! And as for mama selling the building, mama don't even own the building! Get the facts straight before you post a very untrue story. As for the comment about Greg,, learn how to spell and if you have something to say about a man and say it to his face! Coward!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to gossip...gossip right!