Friday, November 7, 2008


Now before y'all go tear each other to shreds, let's just all agree on three things.

#1 That, had not Mr. Stewart posed a genuine threat to Miss Clem's position and cushy six figure job by methodically detailing and bringing to light legitimate faults of her office, Miss Clem would never have to had rely on Republican cronies and high priced dirt diggers to save her piece of the pie.

#2 That, had been Mr. Stewart been honest about his finances and business losses, he would have been able to save the reputation of the legitimate candidacy that he had successfully built up until that point.

#3 AND MOST IMPORTANT. If the Press Journal had done their job as a news reporting organization and had thoroughly researched and presented the triumphs and failures of both candidates in an unbiased manner, we all won't be scratching each others eyes out over this. How nice would it have been, to have been able to make an informed decision.

Miss Vero is not suggesting anything other than for everyone to do their job. Honestly.



Anonymous said...

You are right on on all three points Miss Vero. I don't see anyone scratching eyes out, just a little intelligent conversation and moderate disagreement.

Two questions:

1. Will Lemmon try to steal your story?

2. What in the heck will he write about now that the election is over?

The "paper" didn't do a lot of digging on either of the two candidates before the primary except for that blather from Lemmon. If they had, there might have been two different people on the November ballot.

Still can't figure out your sign on system.

BlessUrHeart said...

Agree, anonymous, and 2 things: PJ seems to want to comment on events after they have occurred, not inform us ahead of time. They've just gone on about the detriments of some of the constitutional amendments that were passed. Uh, too late . . . where was all that for the voters benefit?

Also gave the city "thumbs down" on injection wells, which are tremendously harmful. This was after the city had approved it, again too late for anyone to get involved.

And finally, as stated, the lack of information on Clem's mis-reporting, etc., while also leaving questions unanswered on the veracity of the Stewart "data" left everyone guessing.