Friday, November 7, 2008


Livin in Vero Beach is like livin in East Berlin before they took down that big ole wall. Yup, hard to believe kids, but Miss Vero was actually once in East Berlin at that time, so we know what we're talkin about. When we were driving home Tuesday night after the election was called, there weren't a sole on the streets. If y'all listened real close, y'all could have heard the audible groans and cuss words rising up out all the Republican homes. While the rest of the country and the world, for that matter were jumpin for joy, Indian River County stayed in behind it's conservative curtain.

Now y'all would think that winning a local election would be good enough for some folks, but no, that ain't the case with Miss Kay Clem. She decided to file a complaint against her opponent Mr. Colman Stewart. Why? Dunno, we guess it's like that joke our ole friend George Wallace used to tell - the best time to kick a man is when he's down, cause he's already right there by your shoe!

It's pretty clear that Miss Clem had it out for Mr. Stewart, especially when he started callin her out on all the "discrepancies" in her office. So, not to be outdone, she was successful in digging up some "damaging information" on him. And that kids, is what Miss Vero would really like to know. How does someone, who's running for an office (that should definitely be bi-partisan) in a county (that's definitely partisan) find out about their opponents indiscretions? Do you hire an investigator? A seasoned political strategist or maybe a company that specializes in the Tao of Rove? Shouldn't that job belong to a "newspaper" with "real journalists" that would look into each candidates claims? Oh wait a minute, what are we thinkin?

Well hunnies, today let Miss Vero tell y'all a story about an interesting, yet mysterious woman named Jackie.

Miss Jackie is a very passionate woman who has dedicated herself to many political causes, that she whole heatedly believes in, here's just a little sample of how busy Miss Jackie is:

Like the saving our waterfronts in Indian River and St. Lucie counties:
Where she lists her address at 745 Bougainvillea Lane Vero Beach, FL 32963.

And her interest in the early voting procedure of the town of Jupiter ( see page 5):
Where her address at that time was "withheld pursuant to Florida Statute".

And in punishing people who don't share her beliefs in Orlando: Jacqueline D'Heere (561)756-6480. Paid political advertisement paid for and sponsored by 4853 South Orange Avenue, Suite C, Orlando

And she's also listed as a contact in Southwest Florida for Florida "Family" policy:
South West Region (Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Lee, Manatee, Sarasota) Jacqueline D'Heere 561-716-4384

And, as the Program Chair of the Contemporary Federated Republican Women's Club of Boca Raton:

And also, as the sole person owing South Coast Consulting in Boca and Pachyderm Communications. (Pachyderm as in G.O.P.? How cute!) also in Boca:

Yup, Miss Jacqueline D'Heere is a very busy young lady, but where would someone who is only 23 years old, learn all about the political process and become so well connected?

Well, what if you were to inherit a fortune, but weren't going to be able to receive it for sometime. Do y'all think that some caring and loving family might take you in? Yes? Well that's exactly what happened to Miss Jackie! She was taken in by the lovely McCarty family, who took poor little Miss Jackie in and tutored her in everythin Republican! Now we're just sure that they had her best interests at heart and that ole money didn't mean a thing!

We wish that was the end of the story, but hunnies it was only the beginning! Things didn't turn out so well with Miss Jackie and her new "family". Something real bad musta went down, because Miss Jackie decided to turn her "adopted mother", Palm Beach county Commissioner Mary McCarty into the FBI! :
Oh my.

Ok hunnies, are y'all still with us? Cause here's the good part. There is a happy ending to the story of Miss Jackie after all. After she ratted out her corrupt Republican family, she found a home with a new "adopted mother" and a good Republican family, right here in Vero Beach! And Miss Vero, as we're sure all of y'all do, hope that this family takes exceptional care of her. Yes, Miss Jackie now resides at 1855 34th Ave., which just happens to be the home of Miss Carole Jean Jordan! (Really, y'all can look it up in the phone book!)

It's also the address that she used for her expense reports, so that Miss Kay Clem knew where to send the $14, 000.00+ in fees and expenses, since May 2008, for "consulting":

Thank goodness she found a job in Vero and Miss Jackie must be very good at what she does, because Miss Clem had already paid Idea Garden $3,610.98 for consulting and web support.

And the Press Journal, didn't they have any interest in Miss Clem's expenses? Maybe they were too busy collecting the $ 12,138.55 for advertising to notice.

Hmm, y'all know why Miss Vero's favorite subject was math? 'Cause numbers don't lie!



BlessUrHeart said...

Oh, ho! Carole Jean swapping adopted children with convicted felons, and now with Kay Clem?? Gosh, what a huge surprise! That's a pretty nice allowance they hand out - how does one get adopted 'round here??

Don't be messin with the pachyderm mafia here -- damn dangerous for your future!

Anonymous said...

Very, very interesting. Just when I thought all was quiet on the eastern front.

Anonymous said...

Miss Vero,

Your buddy Max here. It's too bad the PJ doesn't have your research skills. I'm not sure though that it is that unusual for a politician to pay a consultant campaign money to dig up dirt on the opponent.

It is good that this stuff against Colman came out before the election rather than after, had he been elected. If he were indicted on perjury charges for his false financial affidavit (and he still could be) that would be a great embarrassment to everyone.

The Palm Beach Post blogger is rather speculative. I Googled Mary McCarty and read some of the legitimate news stories and the Clem consultant is not mentioned.

So far McCarty has not been charged with anything. As far the 23 year old going to the feds to rat out McCarty, the mention of her being "grilled" for hours at a time hardly make it seem voluntary.

She could have been subpoenaed to testify under oath. In that scenario she would be under a court order to tell the truth but would also receive use immunity.

She does seem like an enterprising young lady but I hardly see how this is a negative reflection on Kay Clem. One could probably do a background search on Mr. Stewart online if you are willing to share your credit card number. I never thought for a minute that the Clem campaign was not the source for the factual dirt on Stewart.

Nobody said politics was pretty.


BlessUrHeart said...

Max, Max, if you are so keen on having Mr. Stewart fried for making mistakes on his papers, how 'bout taking the same aim at Clem? This "consultant" lives with Carole Jean? Yeah, and works out of her house, and an address on the beach, and one in Orlando, oh, yeah the one in Jupiter . . . but clem's your buddy, so I guess that's different. Seems to me that's false reporting. And quite a checkered history for one so young.

And who was it who got the feds interested in McCarty? hmmmm, I wonder . . . her "d'heere" friend and almost daughter?

Max, you've got a whole lot of guessing going on there, and Miss V has some pretty interesting facts, not dirt, not guesses.

cicifromdeecee said...

Having moved from our nation's capital to vero beach, I thought this would take me away from all of these complicated relationships. This is really beyond anything i ever witnessed in d.c. And that says loads because i saw some very sleeeeezy things, having worked in the lobbying/public affairs sector. And Miss Vero, I admire your doggedness in sniffing out all these connections, but how come you have to do it? Why aren't we reading this stuff on the front page of the PJ? Toto? i have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!

virtual vero said...

What I find most disturbing about this is IF Clem paid to have the dirt dug up on Stewart, well... that would make her a bold face liar. She said over and over throughout her campaign that she wasn't going to play dirty -- even tho Hart was playing dirty politics by basing her campaign on Kay's absenteeism and cronyism. No, Kay said over the airwaves on Rhett's show and other places that she was not going to play dirty because she had to be able to look her daughters in the eyes and be a role model to them. And then she just about started crying when bloggers on TC Palm criticized her using those daughters to wave campaign signs on street corners -- told Rhett that her daughters were under attack but she couldn't fight back because she wasn't going to stoop down to dirty mudslinging. From the sounds of this story, sounds like Clem is the dirtiest politician around. Certainly makes a person who has a skeleton in his or her closet think more than twice about going into politics. Ever steal a cookie? Bounce a check? Unless you're married to a lawyer, or have the money to hire one to hide all your secrets, be prepared to have them all exposed. That's the message sanctioned here by our Supervisor of Elections.