Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here's a little Sunday treat...

Ok hunnies listen up, cause Miss Vero has a huge hunch, (never mind a reliable inside source and our own hound dawg research) that the Baltimore Orioles will not be comin to Vero Beach.

Why is Miss Vero interested in baseball, y'all are probably thinking. Well kids, as you do know, sports holds absolutely no fascination for Miss Vero what so ever, but the spending of tax dollars and the ineptitude of our politicians does!

Consider the chatter from other suitors as noted in the Baltimore Sun;

Fort Lauderdale, The Orioles current home - "We've met with the Orioles on several different occasions, and they haven't indicated to us that they want to be anywhere else, so that's good," said Chaz Adams, a spokesman for the city of Fort Lauderdale. "All the players are still on board. We're just hoping and trying as hard as we can to see if we could get the FAA to change its mind."

Sarasota, with a vacancy -"We're ready to talk to the Orioles about their [major league] spring training site if they are ready to talk to us," Sarasota County Deputy Administrator David Bullock said."

Fort Myers also chimes in - "However, this week, the Lee County commission approved an agreement with the Red Sox to build a new spring training facility in south Lee County. If the Red Sox approve the deal, that would leave their current facility at City of Palms Park needing a tenant. Fort Myers officials are reportedly interested in talking to the Orioles.",0,6169857.story

And more from the interestingly named sports journalist Mr. Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun:

"News item: The Orioles still have not firmed up their plans for a permanent spring training site. They're expected to be in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., next spring but have made no commitment to train anywhere in 2010. The most likely location still appears to be the Dodgertown complex in Vero Beach, Fla. My take: In the most likely scenario, however, the Orioles will try to play Vero Beach off the soon-to-be-vacant complex in Sarasota, Fla., and end up without a permanent resolution to a situation that has been unsettled since - believe it or not - 1990. Bonus my take: Based on conversations with several people who have attempted it, negotiating with Peter and John Angelos is like trying to eat soup with a fork.",0,3815149.column

We can't imagine that our local big wigs will be able to negotiate this deal with the Angeloses, they're just not in the same league (pun intended)!

And of course, the fact that money talks. The Orioles are asking for up to $13 million of improvements to Holman Stadium and Dodgertown. While in comparison only $1.3 million is needed in Fort Lauderdale to satisfy the FAA fee. Now we ask y'all, which city has the deeper pockets?

In addition, there are the classic CYA statements made by Mayor White this week:

"We gave them our best and final offer I would think," said Vero Beach Mayor Tom White. I don't see how we can get involved in a bidding war because of finances. ...White said there are some people in Indian River County who want to see a team obtained for Dodgertown no matter what the cost... But I think the majority of working-class people don't want to see the city and county spend money on what they consider giveaways..."

Just remember kids, y'all heard it here first. Ain't gonna be no baseball no mo.

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