Friday, December 5, 2008


Well hunnies, we waited and waited for our new guest at the Beach House to show but no call, no mail, humph, it's been a long time since Miss Vero's been stood up y'all! All we can do now is think of ways that he will it up to us.

So, we decided to go out and about and here's a little recap. First, we ran out west to our new favorite party supply store - Crown Wine and Spirits, where we picked up a few pre-wrapped (oh, how we love that) gift baskets and, in what seems to be the custom, they were having a little wine and snack tasting! Yummy.

Then we got a call from our friends in Sebastian, who think that the lighting of the holiday things and open houses of stores and businesses event tonight, would be a fun thing to do. Ho-hum, we declined that invite.

A quick drive over to Home Goods for some Hanukkah supplies (a party's a party, right?) and who do we run into, but our favorite Vero gadfly, Mr. Muse of The World! And hunnies, he just looked so cute and clever in his cashmere scarf, sporting around in his hot and fast, rag top sports car! Oh, he is just someone who always brightens Miss Vero's day! Well, seems our Muse was gatherin his own party supplies for a little hot cocoa soiree (and whipped cream? Oh, we forgot to ask...) while watching the boat parade tonight!

We had both noticed a little construction going on in the parking lot, so Miss Vero - with camera always in hand, decided to do a little exploring and high heeled it, right in to a cluster of a half dozen Asian men, none of whom spoke English. Finally after much smiling and nodding we gathered that the new Japanese Steakhouse will open "next month" and honestly that's all we could get. They were kind enough to let Miss Vero have a peekaboo and we can tell y'all that the place will be HUGE. Hmm, interesting another chain restaurant makes it's mark in Vero? Well we always did miss the Japanese Steakhouse that used to occupy the space that now houses, the salon, Calvetti and Co. Any of y'all memba that?

Even though our dear Muse invited us to watch the boat parade, we're in a rather naughty but nice mood and prefer a chocolate martini instead. We'll just have to go poke into the Epicenter of Cool, for children it's been a while and a pilgrimage must be made! Call us a creature of habit, we don't care, it's off to Undertow tonight!


P.S. Now if any of y'all recently emailed us and we haven't gotten back, just keep your britches on, we'll get to y'all! We have just gotten over a nasty flu bug and we have priorities, cocktails before correspondence and never drink and blog!

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Miss B. Havior said...

Say it ain't so!
Stood Up, Mizz Vero? That's worse than fightin' possums in a well.
Just say the word and I'll have Paco run that varmint down, skin 'um and hang him up to dry. Paco is full of passion!
If you're not a sight better by the weekend, let me know 'cause I got some great distilled remedies for head colds.