Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Chef Lamm, Mr. Ralph Sexton and hostess, Mrs. Marcia Loewinger,
at the grand opening, while members of the Sexton and Tripson families
gather to hear the presentation.

Hunnies, if y'all were goin be one place this season, last night at the grand opening of the new Patio restaurant was the place to be. When Miss Vero tells y'all that anyone who is anyone in Vero Beach was there, we mean it! This was the Vero old guard, not the new beachies with attitude, not the midwestern and yankee "reporters" and not a politician in sight! (Ok, Miss Carole Jean Jordan was there, but not in political capacity, so that doesn't count). This was an evening of true Vero aristocracy and a party that celebrated what we all remembered -Vero as it was and as it still could be.

Mr. Ralph told a few stories that everyone was strainin to hear over the noise of people greetin and chattin. But they just couldn't help themselves, everyone was just so happy to see each other. As we stood next to our beloved Queen Mother of Vero, Miss Alma Lee Loy, folks were trippin over themselves to greet her - and rightly so.

Miss Hildie Tripson was the most gracious hostess, who at one point scouted every room with Miss Vero in tow, to introduce us to Mr. Milton R. Benjamin of Verobeach32963 and Miss Willi Miller of WQCS' Arts Spotlight, because after a few cocktails this seemed like a good idea! Unfortunately, Mr. Benjamin and Miss Miller had already left, so a meeting of the minds never transpired. However there were a few others (especially one of our favorite people, Mr. Mark Wygonik!), that Miss Vero had a fabulous time with and as usual, we were one of the last to leave.

Y'all will be so happy to hear that the interior is just like y'all remember it, all of the priceless treasures of Waldo are still in place, although not a speck of dust to be found. Some items were "found" and brought back safe and the very fascinating Mr. Clemmer Mayhew, from the Addison Mizner Museum, was on hand to point out the spectacular artifacts around the room. The interior is now spic and span and most of the renovations are unseen because the kitchen got most of the makeover right down to the cement foundation!

And the food! The food children was fabulous, we not only enjoyed every tasty shrimp, chicken and meat dish, prepared every way imaginable, we also enjoyed the company of Chef Lamm, who will make this place hum. The offerings were endless and each one more delicious than the last, only to be topped by the fantastic pizzas!

We had such a wonderful time, but it was all over too soon, so we tried to continue our cocktailin and cavortin elsewhere. We went over to the beautiful Costa d'Este for a nightcap and a little company, because we just happen to love the staff and they always take such wonderful care of us. It turns out that only Miss Vero goes out late on a Monday night and we had the entire bar all to ourselves! Everyone gathered round and was interested in our tales of the Patio and all our pictures. Yes, it was a good night in Vero.


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