Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's a day to celebrate! We almost feel like we've just been let out of a dingy, dank, Cheney-inspired torture prison into the shining sun after eight long years, so let's have some fun!

If you've never commented at the Beach House, today's the day. Let's see who can come up with the best caption for the following photos, we've already tried but maybe y'all have something better. See? Democracy is back!

"...Heckuva job ya did there Bushy...now I get to clean up your mess"

"Finally... I can remove this itchy human mask..."

And this photo, taken just hours ago in D.C. by Steve Thorton:


"Peace!...It's what's for dinner..."

Now don't forget y'all, there will be festivities tonight at the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow, so come on out and celebrate! We'll see y'all there!


Miss Vero is feelin the Luv!



Miss B. Havior said...

I'll bite.......
1) BHO to GWB "Is today the day I take out the trash at the White House?"
2) "I wonder what I look like in orange?"
3) "Visualize Whirled Peas"

Cocktails for everyone!
Ps Did anybdy else catch Aretha's hat?

LDouglas said...

I'll give it a shot too...

1) Obama's thoughts: Yes sirree, if that "fill in the blank" could do the job it should be a piece of cake for me.

2) Cheney's thoughts: If I have to listen to that *beep*ing Democrat for another minute I swear I'll tear my brains out.

3) Peace: It's not a four letter word.

I'll drink to that- Happy New President Day! Let's hope he wins by a bigger margin in the next election...

(P.S. I didn't notice Aretha's hat...)

Lola said...

I saw the highlights on the news and saw Aretha's fine hat. Not quite as fine as yours though, Miss B. Havior's. :-* :-*

Anonymous said...

#1 BHO to GWB, "George, what you did was shameful to America and the American people. Now, go to your room and think long and hard about what you have done to destroy this country."

#2 Cheney to doctor, "You know, I felt that hemorrhoid right about here, Doctor."

#3 "Where is Rick Warren? I am going to kick his ass!"