Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Everybody's all about the hat. Yesterday, it was all about Miss Aretha's hat as it should be, but last week it was all about the hat at the Indian River County Taxpayers meeting. Miss Vero has received more emails about the hat than we ever could imagine. Oh! and by the way - why is it, that y'all want a private audience With Miss Vero via email, but y'all are not hitting the comments? Hmmmm? C'mon y'all, yes you liberals, dissidents and artistic types, come out, come out wherever y'all have been hiding for the last eight years! Oh my, we are suddenly channeling Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, explainin to the Munchkins that the wicked ole witch is dead. Now hunnies, that was a hat!

Hold on, it'll pass...too much inaugural champagne last night.

Where were we? The hat! THE HAT! "Is there a picture of the hat?" "Who was wearing the hat?" "I was there, I saw the hat too!" and on and on. The only thing this enthusiasm indicates to Miss Vero, is that it takes only a smidgen of fabulous fashion in town to make everybody sit up and take notice. So here's a little puzzle for y'all to put together regarding THE HAT.

Take one hat, very similar to this (not as fabulous) example:

And add it to the very fashionable, Miss Dianne Lininger, who wrote us this very lovely email explaining and ending, THE HAT mystery.

Dear Miss Vero,
I am the lady under the most fabulous hat ever to be seen in Vero at the Jan. 14 Taxpayer's Luncheon. The hat was a gift from Rose Spytek. After what you wrote, it has become my favorite. Now all my other hats are jealous!

Dianne Lininger

And here is some info and a photo of the very fashionable Miss Dianne:

Now, imagine the above hat (yet more fabulous) on the crown of (more beautiful in person) Miss Dianne and wha-la! There y'all have it, fabulous fashion in Vero exists!

Well, now that we have that all cleared up, let's continue, shall we kids? As we awoke at the crack of noon from our post inaugural party slumber and mixed our morning bloody marys, Miss Vero pleasantly remembers the crowds at the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow, last night. We see that the TCPalm sent some one out in the light of day to capture the actual inauguration, but the real party began after dark and went till closing, to put it as we heard it, "Don't everybody don't know that."

And what a gathering! Most of the Miss Vero gang was on hand, although we were feeling sorry for Miss B.Havior, who had to leave early due to the Du Roseland's inconsiderate scheduling of high colonics this morning.

We met some interesting new people and had a wonderful time. Artists and activists abound! And we were especially happy to see Mr. Ken Daige arrive after the City Council meeting with his lovely wife and applaud him for continuing to be vigilant of the political process in town.

Lots of conversation last night was political, however Miss Vero's fine tuned big ear picked up only local political patter and the big topic was in support of Mr. Kenric Ward's column on Sunday, suggesting we get to know a local developer a little better:

Of course now, this explains the fashion choices of Mr. Charlie Wilson and his affection for badly tailored pin stripe suits! (Because with us, it's all about fashion and as y'all know perception is reality.) Not only have we surmised that Mr. Charlie Wilson is indeed straight and single but on further examination of his fashion sense, we must also surmise that his attempt to appear "connected" is somewhat lacking and this entire pointless paragraph is only being used as as segue to our review of "Breaking Legs" at the Riverside Theater.

Keepin up with Miss Vero? Good. Because honestly we think we're still giddy about the election and all.

Ok where were we again?

Hmmm, "Breaking Legs" at The Riverside Theater. Ok, did y'all ever try to make Jello and it didn't well, gel? Y'all have a perfectly good package of Jello, just the right amount and temperature of cold and hot water, perfectly good working fridge and the timing is just right, but somehow it just doesn't make Jello? Did that ever happen to y'all? Well that's what "Breaking Legs" was like for us when we attended last week at Riverside. There was absolutely nothing wrong with any of the components of this production. From the amazing cast, who were flawless, to the timing, pace and production design (real Italian restaurants look less authentic than this set). Every detail was in place including the intermission music and the end of the first act was high-larious! We can't think of any reason not to see this production before it ends on February 1st. Sometimes when you expect Jello you get Kool-Aid, or in this case a nice Chianti.

Perhaps a nap is order for Miss Vero today.


OH! Almost forgot, my goodness Miss Vero's brain is ceratinly pickled today, we forgot to tell y'all to fear not! Green Acres will return!


fairy delilah said...

I do adore hats, but in this case I prefer Ms. Dianne's crowning glory of russet red tresses to the feathered number. Who needs a hat when you have hair like that!

Then, there are the poor souls like myself, who has not had a good hair day since we moved to Florida. If you adore hats like I adore hats -- which can hide a wide variety of uglies, from roots revealed to wet head, frizzy rat's nests to over processed -- then consider attending:

Zora Neale Hurston's Hattitude event (it used to be a luncheon, but from the time posted, it seems more like high tea)

February 7, 2009
Koblegard Center
Indian River State College
3209 Virginia Ave, Ft Pierce, 34981
Saturday 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The last time I attended, I was swept away by the assortment of ladies, their hats and coordinated outfits. There was even a hat boutique, where a woman from another part of the state brought her fabulous hand-made hats (indistinguishable from store bought in any way except fabulosity). The hats were affordable, unique and definitely not seen on other heads here in Vero Beach.

This is a perfect shopping opportunity for the ladies who attend the Hibiscus Blue Ribbon Luncheon. If you don't have "un chapeau magnifique," well, you aren't really dressed.

Fairy D.

Charlie Wilson said...

OK so I gained a little weight. I went today to get a haircut and a new suit. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilson,
I don't like your politics. However, I do think you're kinda cute -- bad suits, shaggy moustache and all.

I'm surprised you're still single. What's up with that?