Friday, January 16, 2009


Click on this link for the entire Pointe West season schedule.

Polo season starts this weekend at Pointe West! The type of tailgating we understand, Miss Vero and friends loves to watch the ponies while wearing silly hats and drinking champagne, this is one sport that makes sense.

Did we mention that there's also an outdoor family movie on Saturday night?Bring your blankets and lawn chairs and if y'all need a snack, there's a concession stand during the movie.

Everything you need for a great weekend.

Did we also mention that we absolutely love Pointe West for being so friendly and accessible. We do.



Anonymous said...

Regarding Shmeat:
I can't understand why anyone would find that process objectionable.
It is beyond my comprehension how it is less "yuck" factor to take a peaceful grazing cow, load it onto a truck with hundreds of other cows, bring it to a slaughter house, hang it up by one leg with a metal chain, slit it's throat, watch it struggle in terror and wait it for it to bleed out....when it finally dies....cut it up and call it... Roast Beef.... YUMMMY!

LDouglas said...

I don't know anonymous. Maybe it's because I prefer real, natural food. That's why I go for organic whenever I can. More so than pesticides I don't want to eat genetically engineered food.

Factory farmed animals have the yuck factor for me too (that's why I gave up eating beef 15 years ago and limit what I eat of the others) but they're still more natural than shmeat.