Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yessiree, the Secret squirrel is back with a report from the Indian River Taxpayer's luncheon on Wednesday, where Mr. Jeff Susi was the guest speaker. Here's what we've learned:

1. Jeff Susi is not evil in the same way as Darth-Vader-Dick-Cheney evil, he's just not well liked by some.

2. Jeff Susi is actually a well spoken man who seems to know his stuff, never failing to have an answer to any of the questions that came his way and was quick to correct the record that he makes $410,000 and not the $389,000 reported in the PJ. And he didn't flinch, not once.

3. The question about his salary was asked by former County Commission Candidate Miss Bea Gardner, who still keeps up with county business and gets in your face regardless of losing the election. You go Bea!

4. Speaking of the County Commissioners, uh, where were they? Sure saw those guys a whole lot before election time but now? Seriously, if the CEO from the hospital could make time for lunch, how hard could it be to get some newly elected officials to show. Bob, Wesley, Gary?

5. Other no shows include anyone who seems to be posting serious stuff against the hospital and it's administration. If half the people who post the negative comments on the TCPalm showed up, they could have filled the 40 or so empty seats. As it was, we counted only 38 people in attendance - and that's including Mr. Susi and his entourage.

6. Kenric Ward was there representing.

7. Mr. Charlie Wilson is indeed a straight and single man who is need of a stylist. Please Charlie, get a girlfriend or a gay friend soon. Or just let Miss Vero come over and give you some fashion tips.

8. The most fabulous hat ever to be seen in Vero beach was in attendance. Yes, that's right. A hat.

9. Never give a squirrel coffee.


karlene said...

all of these blog posts are making me squirrely. :-) wink. be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Alot of the people who are posting on TCPalm are employees who fear retribution.

macdear said...

”In the future, as government and insurance reimbursement rates falter, Susi said the hospital will rely heavily on philanthropy. Hospital officials also hope to create residency or fellowship programs as an added incentive to attract doctors.”

Wow! What planet is Mr Susi living on? Reimbursement rates are directly related to National Hospital Quality Measures called “Core Measures.” They are evidenced based measures that set a standard for the overall quality of care provided to patients with specific diagnoses. These consist of; MI (heart attack), Pneumonia, Stroke, Heart Failure and Surgical Infection Rates. When a facility like IRMC, fails to provide the minimum standard of care, then reimbursement declines. Standard of care is determined by Joint Commissions (JCAHO) and Centers of Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS). If a facility wants to keep the moolah rolling in, then they do whatever is needed to comply with these measures.

Check out how IRMC compares to other health facilities in our area:

Looking at the statistics along with the quote by Mr Susi, it becomes apparent that Mr Susi would rather continue begging for money from donors and the county, than simply to do what is necessary to keep this community healthy by following industry standards which will then be reimbursed at the highest rate possible.

Indian River County Health Care – Death by Susi-cide

Oh yeah about those no shows at yesterday's betcha that employees fear retribution. I wonder how many working folks might have shown up if that meeting was held in the evening?

Miss B. Havior said...

I just loves me that Secret Squirrel, even if the Squirrel is from up north and I bet Mr Susi was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs....but shugga-pie, did the Squirrel take any pictures of the hat? The countess is desperate to know if it was a "Sunday Going to Meeting" hat or a "Cocktail" hat.