Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ahhright hunnies, get out your calendars or your i-somethings or your chisel and hammer or whatever it is y'all use to save the date, here's some good times in the next few weeks to look forward to and although we love Fellsmere, that ole frog leg festival that Max was talking about yesterday, just isn't anywhere on our list.

Miss Vero is tired of everyone telling us that they are bored to tears with the same ole stuff (yet, we completely understand), so we've come up with a few suggestions that y'all might not see anywhere else. Of course we'll be attending most of the events (or sendin a designated socialite) and disscussin 'em all at length when they happen, so just consider this a sneak peek into our social calendar.

First of all, don't forget the Indian River Taxpayer's luncheon tomorrow, where the guest speaker will be Mr. Jeff Susi, CEO of the Indian River Medical Center. We're sure he'll be thrilled to see y'all and answer any question y'all may have.

At a dinner party last weekend, Miss Vero listened eagerly to the story of a very well to do beachie woman, who upon entering the ER informed the staff that she was a member of the "Golden Eagles" and should be whisked away to her private accommodations immediately! The attending RN (who related the tale), explained quite patiently that she would have to wait in the same designated area as everyone else and that it didn't matter how much money she gave to who, because no matter what she was told, this was indeed a myth to perpetuate donor dollars. Needless to say, Miss beachie's subsequent attitude was not helpful in the healing process.

So don't forget, go and see Mr. Susi squirm, uhmm, speak tomorrow.

And while you're in the mood, why not attend the appropriately named "Breaking Legs" at The Riverside Theater, opening tomorrow night?

Also, y'all might want to consider seeing Mr. Garrison Keillor, who will be visiting next Monday, January 19th, but if y'all have made plans for celebratin the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Day, once again, we completely understand.

In fact, next week we should all be celebratin the inauguration of our new President, Mr. Barack Obama. Can we get a hoooray and an amen and a hallelujah?!!! Yes indeed. There will be a party, of course! Tuesday night, January 20th at the Epicenter of Cool, Undertow, to watch and celebrate this historic event.

Miss Nancy Richards, of the Indian River county Democratic Party, sent us a great email over the holidays, "The Election Party You Missed", which grabbed our attention immediately;

The local DEC (Democratic Executive Committee) rented the Executive Courthouse Center and along with the help of volunteers, put on the election night party which attracted about 350 people; including Republicans, Democrats, Independents., homeless people, about to be homeless people, very wealthy people, very very wealthy people with multiple homes they could lend to the homeless people, black, white, and yellow people--maybe a few red ones too--old, young, and all in between------it was spectacular; great band (The Coffee Beans), good eats and drinks---------we blew the roof off------wished you'd have known; or maybe you did and just couldn't make it?????

P.S. just became aware of your site; so answered your question about where the party was------sorry over 7 weeks late!

Hmmm, we don't remember seeing that party covered in our local paper.

Have y'all finished gigglin yet?

That's Ok, Miss Nancy, just keep us on the mailin list and let us know what's happening.

We hear that sales of tickets to the Treasure Coast Wine Festival next week, benefiting IR Medical Center and the VNA, are a bit sluggish. Don't blame it on the economy. Let's just ask, what happens when you take a great concept and turn it into a semi private, beachie, charity event? It becomes exclusionary and as of January 20th, that is no longer fashionable.

Thursday, January 29th, Mr. Eliot Kleinberg, the author of "Weird Florida", will be speaking at the Emerson Center. This event starts at 7pm and the best part is that it's FREE!


Monday, February 2nd, Poetry Slam in Vero! Sound interesting? We thought so too. Here's the details and a link to the new Cafe 1901. We love anything goin down in downtown, so we'll be curious to check out somethin new.



Tuesday, February 3rd, The Vero Beach Book Center welcomes back our favorite Florida hero SERGE! Ok, how 'bout Serge's alter ego, our favorite, Mr. Tim Dorsey? Y'all know we love us some Tim Dorsey! In fact, here's a picture of Miss Vero attending a previous event for Mr. Dorsey at the Vero Beach Book Center, can y'all spot us? http://www.timdorsey.com/vero%2006.jpg



After getting our paws on a new Tim Dorsey book, by the end of the week we'll be in the mood for a little Florida road trip and what could be better than the 2009 Floridiana Festival?

Miss Vero has waited all year for what promises to be a fun event, but we'll have to rush back on Sunday, because on February 8th at The Club House Bar and Grill, located at 4000 Atlantic Blvd, THERE WILL BE DRAG QUEENS!

Got that? All of it? Good, we guess we'll be seeing y'all around then...




LDouglas said...

I have an event to add. I didn't get a chance read yesterday's PJ yet to see if it made our edition but it sounds like fun too, and not too far to travel. (I saw it on TCPalm yesterday.)http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2009/jan/12/no-headline---200901121628-13tgreen/?feedback=1#comments

Shame it'll probably not get another shot on the front page of TCPalm. It would be nice to see it repeated on Friday....

Anonymous said...

Ummm, the "big party" that was held election night by the local Democrats had an attendance of more like 50 people. It was not covered by our local paper for that exact reason. Many readers of your blog did swing by that party and immediately left seeing how low the turnout was all night long on election evening.


Anonymous said...

Got a kick out of your *Snark Alert* about the exclusionary Treasure Coast Wine Festival. Even the folks on Rodeo Drive these days put their goodies put into label-less bags to avoid the appearance of extravagance. And yet Susi and his pals think nothing about throwing themselves a lavish party where they can show off by paying more for single bottles of wine than most of us pay for a case or two or three.... Does anyone actually drink them or do they just recycle them as tax write-offs? And what’s up with bringing in a florist from Miami? How does that support our local economy? Actually, a good part of the festival’s expenses went to out of towners. There’s just something truly wrong when you spend as much money on a fundraiser as you make. OK, they now throw a couple of bones to one or two smaller charities to make it appear that it’s not a completely selfish, exclusive, affair, but are they really fooling anyone? And speaking of exclusive, Vero Beach Magazine apparently bought the rights to exclusive magazine coverage. This despite the knuckle rapping they received from Milt Benjamin’s “Devil’s Bargain” editorial. Please, unless it’s their own, who remembers what photos were in which publication? Only in Vero...