Thursday, January 8, 2009


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Miss Vero is so perplexed hunnies, the thing-a-ma-jig on the picture do-hickey is not working, and we do believe that is the proper technical term. We are tired of messin with it, so here's a couple sumthin-sumthins (again, more technical jargon) to keep y'all happy for the content y'all crave.

Or perhaps we'll just call it a little cocktail chatter....

Just to get us in the proper frame of mind, here's a quote attributed to our favorite person of history, Miss Dorothy Parker;

"Martinis are lovely, but two at the most, three, I'm under the table, four, I'm under the host."

Which begs the question "Where is the Algonquin Round Table of Vero Beach?" And of course, Miss Vero will proudly answer, "Why, it's here at the Beach House!"

We sure did get a lot of mail after yesterdays post about the Indian River County Medical Center. A little birdie reminded us of the Indian River Taxpayers meeting next Wednesday, when the featured speaker will be none other that Mr. Jeff Susi! Here's the details, in case any of y'all want to attend. This sounds like a job for the Secret Squirrel:

Hey! What happened to Mr. Ira Hatch and Mr. Damien Gilliams yesterday? They were both scheduled to appear in court (on separate issues). We thought the PJ would be all over those stories. Guess the wacky weed smokin Tater comedian got the courthouse beat ink instead.

Interesting tid bit out of Palm Beach today:

If y'all fail to remember just how this relates to Vero Beach, here's a little reminder:

Sorry kids, but the technical difficulties got the best of us today, we'll try to sort it all out and get back to y'all tomorrow.


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