Friday, February 13, 2009


Just too busy being fabulous…

Valentines day is upon us, and, I Viv, would like to commend the happy lovely couples that are celebrating this somewhat holiday exaggerating their love for one another. Last Valentines Day I ordered Japanese food and took Tylenol pm (the comatose sleep was much needed). I’m going to retract my comments from last week, because I realized Vero isn’t a boring dating scene at all. In fact, it’s probably exceptional to some people. I happened to go on two dates this past week and they were both lovely. It got me thinking that there is a dating scene in Vero, it’s merely finding your type. Which led me to realize I love older men….and when I say older men I mean men that are married and have children (preferably both in house). I’m kidding of course, because a girl like that would only live a life of urinary tract infections and misery.

Please do not think I have nothing going on this weekend or the entire week for that matter, I’m extremely busy with a more than full time job, so I’m certainly not going to spend my weekend listening to the Carpenter’s, which I’ve been told lead only to “madness and obsession.” I’m going to be spending this weekend working and acting as this is just another weekend, because it really is. It’s a consumer holiday, but if any of you readers are interested, my favorite flower is the hydrangea and in lieu of candy I would love a cheeseburger.

A boy I was once interested in gave me a stuffed animal for Valentines day… throughout the rest of dinner I was completely bored and didn’t care to talk to him after that night. A stuffed animal? Yes, of course it’s the thought that counts but most Valentine’s day presents are thoughtless! Roses? Candy? Stuffed Animals? Walgreen’s specials? No thank you. No sooner would I rather jump off the Merrill barber bridge! All in all, enjoy this day of love, but my marital status still remains “hopeful”

Love and hugs,

JUST A REMINDER, BECAUSE WE CARE - From the Pelican Island Audubon Society. Award-winning author Cynthia Barnett to speak at February 16 general meeting on water sustainability and Florida's future. Click on the link for all the details:




I dated in Vero once, a few years ago. It was the most horrible and traumatic experience of my life. I had to move back up north to recover from it. Now I buy myself a coconut cream heart on Vday and eat it while I read a good book.

BlessUrHeart said...

Vero brought me one of the worst dating experiences of my life, the guy was truly psychotic. wow. But hey, psychos are everywhere, so I won't blame Vero. Blame it on Rio.