Thursday, February 12, 2009


Valentine's Day, silly. Now that LDouglas has graciously explained all we need to know about chocolate, BlessUrHeart gave us the tip about Faith, Hope and Chocolate in Downtown Vero and Max reminded us not to be stupid in the car by either talking on the phone and/or smokin the wacky tabacky, do any of y'all have any other plans that y'all might want to share?

Miss Vero suggests that with all the economic turmoil and people losing jobs and houses, that we all try to be civilized and show a little more kindness to one another. We must agree with one thing Mr. Lemmon said today:

"I’ll tell you, the lack of compassion in a situation like this is astounding."

When he's right, y'all gotta give him his props and this time Russ Lemmon is right. Never let it be said that Miss Vero isn't fair and balanced! Ok, we'll settled for fair and slightly tipsy..

Why y'all may ask? Because it's the opening weekend of LaCage!

Buy tickets, it'll be fabulous fun! Because if y'all don't know by now, that Miss Vero loves us some Drag Queens, than y'all have not been payin attention.

In fact, we've been thinkin about startin a little drinking game - stop reading and take a big ole swig of your martini, everytime y'all read the word "fabulous" at the Beach House. What, no martini? Get up and go make one, we''ll wait...

Ready? Ok, FABULOUS!


Yup that's what we heard. The new Fujiyama Steakhouse opened last week and they put on quite a show, goin so far as to squirtin Sake in y'all's mouth during the dinner festivities. We must try this and can't wait to check it out. It's located behind the Olive Garden out on State road 60. There hasn't been a Japanese steakhouse in the area since the one that was located in Royal Palm Pointe closed many years ago.

So if there's anything y'all want to to suggest or share for Valentine's weekend, let us know!



Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

I will be dinin' with the love of my life at the exact table where we met at the Epicenter of Cool! Truly an excellent evening in store for this good-ole-boy.


Max Newport said...

You threw me with the VD headline Miss V. If I wanted me some VD I would be heading up to the Paradise Men's Club in Melbourne.

I am going to Melbourne for Valentine's Day; taking the wife Minnie to see (and hear) Johnny Mathis sing the songs we used to make out to in high school. It's amazing how many of us became parents while listening to a gay man sing over a single speaker AM car radio. Now we'll be lucky to stay awake until the end of the show.

It was a toss up between Mathis and Art Garfunkel but it is great to live in Vero Beach and have that choice of two excellent talents on Valentine's Day.

BlessUrHeart said...

Ah, but "I only have eyes for you . . . dear," JB should have that playing at Undertow, too. Some good ole boys really know how to romance!

I know it was a difficult choice, Max. And Viv will sniff at the crooners, but what vocal chords that Mathis do have! Have fun, lovers. Eschew presents, drink in the love. And the vodka, bourbon, cab, etc.