Friday, February 20, 2009


While I was out and about socializing on a lovely Sunday, I ran into someone who gave me a little constructive criticism about my writing style. He told me I was focusing a little too much on the negative, which is true, and that I needed to lean more towards “advice” which I also agree with. He told me that he would’ve loved to have known the hot spots in town when he was brand new to V. So this week’s column is dedicated to him. This might be a rough column full of stereotypes and statements you might not agree with but for the good single people of Vero Beach it’s absolutely necessary and all stated merely through observations I have made.

Disclaimer: I’m trying to drink Miss Vero under the table so this will be about the bar scene...

Riverside is great at happy hour it’s actually sophisticated from about 5:30-8. It’s when the night falls and the flood gates open to the underage and fresh out of college crew. You’ll be packed in like sardines and it averages about 10 minutes sometimes to receive your drink. Needless to say you get tired of it quickly.

Longbranch is always a drunken mistake and the bathrooms are more frightening than the dark hole in a porta potty.

Undertow is an exceptional place to socialize at any hour. I’ve probably never been in a friendlier atmosphere and that is usually the place of choice for new comers in Vero.

Costa De Este has a unique atmosphere, but it’s someplace to go to be seen, not necessarily meet new people. The people there already have their ties to Vero and are not interested in adding to their group. Not to mention on Friday nights the loud techno music is about as bad as walking into a raging ecstasy party where everyone is chewing on light bulbs.

The Indigo Room in the new Vero Beach Hotel is extravagant and I really think that would be a great place to meet people. You basically fall onto the beach when you step onto the outside deck. It’s got a great piano player, and it’s just a relaxing time.

The Patio has gotten somewhat of a bad rep with the recent closing and re-opening, but if you want to experience old Vero it’s great. They also have a piano player during the weekend and fantastic drink specials as well as food. Very rustic.

Filthy McNasty’s is…unexplainable. They definitely have their own frequent fliers there. If you’re into live bands that play hardcore rock than that is your place! Personally, it aggravates my senses but see for yourself.

Whatatavern is like a modern day cheers. It can be fun, they have great deals on drinks. It’s smokey, filthy, and poorly lit (as opposed to any other bar) but for some reason it attracts just about everybody in the demographic 19- 35 (yes, 19 face it tons of underage drinkers running around).

Bodega Blue is a perfect venue for downtown Vero, I wish we had more wine and cheese pubs like it! They always have an excellent acoustic show any given night and if you want to try a variety of beers that don’t taste like Natural Light, this is your scene!

Szechuan Palace’s upstairs bar is an amazing place to go and I personally don’t think they get nearly enough recognition for it.

Havana Night’s (Caribbean Court Hotel) piano bar is a MUST see and is a hush hush hidden treasure! If you want to get tipsy and not worry about running into people you know, than please be seated in their bed like tables.

With all this talk about bars, I might have to start the cocktail hour fairly early. Miss Vero, I'll see you in AA. OH and last but not least... R.I.P. Lenny's Lounge, gone but not forgotten.

Love and hugs,


Miss Vero wonders - What is this AA you speak of child?


Viv said...

I can't give you too much information regarding what AA is but I do know my therapist explained it to me in detail... she even supplied me with a brochure you can look at tonight during drinks though

Max Newport said...

Viv, You forgot about Waldo's. Some of us older jetsetters enjoy the ambiance and the music of Trilogy. Do they still play there?

Jethro Bovine said...


I like where you are headed with this! Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Another 'local' 'cheers' bar and grill you must try is the Clubhouse Bar and Grill. Each night is different but great, friendly and lots to terrific food and drink prices!

Viv said...

I did forget about Waldo's! I love Waldo's! I'm not sure about the bands that play there but I've had some of my best Sundays sitting on the deck, listening to music and having a totty! The Clubhouse is also somewhat fun. It was a fantastic place to go when I was younger and had a horrible fake i.d. I rarely venture in there, I'll give it another chance though.

Brian Maxson said...

What about that club formerly known as "Bombay Louie's"? It was much more classier when it was known as "Ebbet's Field".

oh how I long for a "Marvin's Garden"....

Viv said...

Eek! iS all I can say about Bombay louie's and just because they changed the name to tonic does not mean the overall ambiance changed - it was still a dump that needed a metal detector to enter!

Brian Maxson said...

Thanks, Viv, I needed that laugh.

It's been about 6 years since I vacated this alleged dating scene that Vero longed for, and I can say that I'm so very fortunate and grateful for the soul that pulled me from that cesspool.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour.

Metal detectors, huh? LOL that was hilarious.