Thursday, February 19, 2009


A wonderful, extraordinary and oh so professional Broadway production greeted us at the Riverside Theater this week, in the production of La Cage Aux Folles! For those of y'all that don't know the story:

Two old queens, Georges and Albin (one prone to drag) are thrown in a tizzy when their grown up and needed to be slapped more, ungrateful son, returns home from cavorting with ultra conservative holy rollin thumpers, only to announce he has breeding intentions, which rips out the heart of his poor mother Albin, who he then further degrades, by trying to hide her along with the fabulous love she has worshiped upon him, literally in the damn closet! Quick thinking friend and fag hag, Miss Jaqueline uses Rovian style trickery to oust the conservative interlopers who are having a bit too much fun (but as we all know, will denounce said fun as soon as they get back to the country club or find themselves in a voting booth) and quickly fabulizes them, pimping them out properly on stage before returning them to their native habitat of intolerance and self importance. Lessons learned? We can only hope.

Oh well, that's our version, here's another:

Now let's talk about the Riverside production. Fabulous, simply fabulous. The immense range of talent in that theater continues to amaze us. And no, it isn't, as y'all know, the fact that Miss Vero is enamored with Drag Queens, yet that was definitely a plus. This time the house was packed with a range of folks, who were most happy to give a standing ovation to the outstanding and ubertalented cast.

Benjamin Howes (Albin) was beyond amazing, he should be carried around by the chorus boys all over town and showered with roses! And the voice of Richard White - beyond compare! The nightclub scenes made us think that perhaps Miss Liza Minnelli herself would appear and the chorus boys could always get a second gig with Cirque de Solei considering the acrobatic and perfectly choreographed performances they displayed. Future RuPaul impersonator, J. Cameron Barnett continued to steal scenes while the stage lighting hypnotized us and we were appreciative of the cute, compact and complimentary orchestra! And the costumes! Yes, it all came together flawlessly. So of course, if y'all have a chance we highly recommend that you get tickets and see this show.

Did we mention that this performance got a standing ovation? Yes we did. And it made us wonder as we watched all the Chanel bag toting, perfect bob hair, pink and lime green wearing ladies with their khaki slacks and blue blazered beachie husbands, clap, clap, clapping to the story of struggle that these two homosexuals had to endure in order to raise a child and meet with the child's future in-laws, while trying to maintain some sort of dignity in the face of discrimination!

Yes, we wondered. Clap, clap, clap, that was a fine play! Indeed. Are these the same people who voted no on Amendment 2 this year? Are they they same people who would deny the right to adopt? In Republican Indian River County we had to wonder.

Well hunnies, leave it to Miss Vero to turn the spotlight on the audience!
Lessons learned? We can only hope.



Count du Roseland said...

Please don't let on to the Countess, but I would certainly Rhumba with one or two of the girls!

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Them girls sure can dance 'n sing! Who knew we could get such good entertainment in VB out of the Beach House!