Thursday, February 26, 2009


My place, myspace. Is this just another time wasting internet thingy that we must endure? Miss Vero has been getting "invitations" to the cyber world that is myspace and facebook and well, OK, we finally got us a myspace page, but honestly, we see this for what it really is - another waste of our precious cocktail time. Isn't it enough that Miss Vero bears all and gives y'all a daily dose (exceptin of course on weekends and even that rule has been sometimes broken) of the content y'all crave? What more can we give hunnies, we are ever so weary already with our delicate nocturnal nature and the constant upkeep of our fabulous and free blog production? Hmmm?

Well, all right then. Miss Vero now has a myspace page, grab a cocktail and join the fun:
And a big MWAH! to our friend Chris, who has prompted us to keep up with all this!


(and myspace too!)

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Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Whenever and where-ever you are is your "myspace"!